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  1. I am saying it is a challenge for the attacking team since it requires patience which this community does not have.
  2. Again, don't take me for unappreciative because, I think the server deserves updates like this because it will only help you guys and just make us give you more guap to keep it running.
  3. Lmao this shit actually made me laugh.
  4. I do completely agree but, Imagine the chaos that would ensue off the fridge held more money then a 100k cap. Because, if someone really wants they can make almost that much doing drug runs which are way safer.
  5. Well, you tell me that wont revive mass fights for money. Btw I fixed it so it is not as ridiculous.
  6. GO back to teaching history and playing Tonoa you abusive father. jk, don't kill me.
  7. That cap is not that bad to be honest because it allows for gangs to actually think of strats to how they may push the cartel. Since, the cartel is not easy to push which makes it challenging and fun.
  8. I can not agree more with this post. I don't understand why the devs don't give cartel life some love, yes, I am extremely appreciative of the updates we get and I do truly enjoy the shit out of this server ( I am fully aware of the prior updates that did give love to rebels but, it is never what we are truly asking for). But, the devs refuse to do what the dedicated player base(rebels and cops) want. We ask for a removal of group cap yet, we get +2 as if that will do anything except fuck with the people who have OCD lmao. We ask for a removal of money cap yet, we get a cap that is straight fucked because, nobody is trying to grind this server like a job to get a cap that in the end means nothing. What I am saying is, @Paratus @bamf remember the community that did a huge part in funding that new game you are making, well please don't just neglect what we are asking for. Stop, ignoring us(This does not really apply to bamf) because once we(the dedicated player base) leaves you are left with temporary kavala trolls who will move on to other servers looking for better RP( and more people to shoot). The asylum servers were full af fuck before 6.0 for a reason and, no those people were not all siting in kavala, those people were the rebels who were enjoying the shit out of what once was a great server and can still be. The direction the devs are driving this server will be it's demise and, to say that isn't true, then you are simply delusional. If you do not believe me then what happened to the 30 minute of spamming to get into the servers? what happened to the all day cartel fights that would go on for 9+ hours? SMH, you devs are blind af, and are killing this server. @Sugarfoot I do also agree on what you said, since the community is also some what at fault. P.S REMOVE FRIDGE AND MAKE MONEY GO TO GANG BANK and remove carriers por favor.
  9. +1 Good shot, good leader, and a funny guy!
  10. I am still on Mod que till this day... also here is some more
  11. Great montage but, I got montage like 50 times in the past 2 weeks. Might as well not even montage my bot looking ass.
  12. I don't get why lag is always everyone's "go to" when they lose fights. When one logs onto asylum, one must expect lag at all times.
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