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  1. So what's the best way to make money here?
  2. Both of these are the exact reasons why it wouldn’t work. Its not very community friendly by being locked and it is also definitely more of a dayZ/koth/wasteland style map
  3. I don't think Pledge meant Asylum in that post. Both servers deal with the problem. It's been getting bad lately especially for Olympus. Best wishes for you guys over here as well. It sucks for all of NA Altis Life to be getting hit with the dunces that understand now days most anti-cheat is reliant on the server instead of Bohemia/Battleye.
  4. If you ever did want to, you could add the Github powerup to the progress trello and then each commit can be added as an attachment to a card. That being said it is a direct link to the Github so take it how you will...
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