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  1. Why. Just why... smh I wounded what retard came up with this
  2. Does this fix the gang leader not being able to open house inventory with t and instead having to scroll wheel to open house menu and hitting inventory. Or does it fix gang leader being the only one who can’t spawn at house after it’s been blown up because my house has been blown up but my gang mates were still able to spawn there just me who wasn’t able to
  3. kny

    Portugese players

    Eu falo Portuguese
  4. Lmao King's Row Application In Game Name: kny Age: 9 How many hours do you have in Arma 3(screenshot): 69 hours How much money do you have in Asylum (screenshot): 69k Are you a member of the APD(rank): yes Have you been banned for Asylum? If so how long ago and what for?: nope Any previous gang relations: nope What can you bring to the Gang: food ”this gang is so secretive anytime u eta them they will not respond or they will respond so they can get a head start to a different cartel while u wait for them ;)”
  5. The amount of time to fill out ur forum req for a lone of 10k would be equivalent of just going and doing the run itself without a lone in the same amount of time if ur req actually getting responded to in time
  6. Was bh added back today?
  7. I have a meth house 1 creat 900m from the lab
  8. Dynamic gang recruitment Age: hours: ign: If your a piker don’t bother filling out this forum because if we find out you will be kicked.
  9. I thought y’all woulda seen our names and the fact we stayed in 1 spot honking 10 times in front of vendor would ring a bell then perusing to get out of the frit not shooting yelling at y’all its us
  10. You do realize at 0:28 you steam dm’ed me to team up and help y’all fight bls then y’all killed us on sight (we were the phycadelic ifrit btw and we didn’t shoot at y’all cus u asked for our help)
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