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  1. I use to own that till I got wiped for duping like 2 bans ago
  2. Is it possible for a reward to be pilot coveralls. If so I’ll be on it to find all methods I can
  3. Roice didn’t even pick up on that if u read his reasoning for no action taken
  4. Aren’t u the guy who “claims to fight cartels“ When the only place I see you active is the on forums.
  5. Only reason he believes in that is because he spends all of his time in kavala.
  6. I’ll give u 23 mil of my duped money for all yo houses
  7. Imagine going into bamboo unions discord and @everyone to like your comment.
  8. Can’t recall ever doing something so vile Fake news
  9. Dude there were 5 of u in athira and I was all on my lonesome
  10. Ur prolly the type of cop not to drop gear
  11. I must have memory loss cus I don’t recall asking
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