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  1. Denied... try applying for the true gamer clan; Chronic
  2. Eat A Dick Our role play skills are vastly superior and require no further support. Denied. Good luck on your future Meme Endeavors
  3. I'm not hanging out in Kavala with you anymore
  4. Imagine giving a shit about PvP on a fucking ROLE PLAYING server... yikes.
  5. It's all about that laugh from Nate.
  6. People STILL reminiscing on what asylum WAS.
  7. People STILL play this fucking game???
  8. Imagine paying for cheats for Arma in 2020. Fuckin Losers....
  9. You missed me with the orca. -1
  10. I fucking hate that woodsy area by dorms... so many little shits that just camp in bushes and soundwhore
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