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  1. We got medics that do some work now... Bring on the lethals... #Medicpaychecksmatter
  2. Wait, is this kid in Recursion V2 or SIN?? The gang that has 3 or 4 bounty hunters tagging along to cartels... like wHaT?!?!?
  3. It may be annoying but it’s just an aspect of the game. If you don’t wanna get bounty hunted at a cartel, get better at defending, or get better backup. Bitching about bounty hunters is like bitching about cops patrolling drug fields, there’s nothing wrong with it just because it annoys you.
  4. Nice, your settings look good...
  5. a simple softlog will correct the issue
  6. *sniff sniff* i smell a fucking RAT DENIED.
  7. Only perk for Governor should be to decide whether weed field is legal or illegal. Any other power is just too much for Farmer Steve and Bag of Funyuns to be delegated.
  8. How are we in a patch notes thread arguing about some stupid APD bullshit?? No one fucking cares about the APD drama...
  9. Weird, I haven’t had much issue with it except for the slight delay in the pick-up menu popping up.
  10. Best ya get nowadays is a 5 v 5 Shits still fun sometimes and I’m still bad enough to keep going...
  11. 35% nerf was to the weapon crafting payouts.
  12. There was 2+ months of work compounded into one update. That was a little too much. Smaller more frequent updates would be better imo and @Azeh why were black market production prices nerfed 35%??? Isn’t that a bit much???
  13. This is a weird introduction....
  14. It's honestly REALLY easy to make money on Asylum, complaining about it being difficult is a sure sign of pure laziness.
  15. Speaking of update. The oil rig is still broken, leaving no option to gather rubber other than capping the oil cartel. There's also no Heli spawn on the Rig and Boats are spawning at the bottom of the water.
  16. @The Forgotten Legend You can just camp pyrgos wongs. Gotta be someone coming eventually to sell Uranium. You're Welcome.
  17. What about end of September? Btw, they were aiming for end of month... guess you gotta keep your fingers crossed
  18. @GO7NEY maybe make some csats to match the new tac backpacks... if thats even possible
  19. Not sure if it was intended, but ever since V2 came out, Helis no longer spawn with repair kits with mechanic talent. i need them back because I am a bullet sponge for the APD whenever I’m on civ.
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