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  1. People STILL reminiscing on what asylum WAS.
  2. People STILL play this fucking game???
  3. Imagine paying for cheats for Arma in 2020. Fuckin Losers....
  4. You missed me with the orca. -1
  5. I fucking hate that woodsy area by dorms... so many little shits that just camp in bushes and soundwhore
  6. cHIP oTLE


    @Dillon Buy Escape from Tarkov and join me...
  7. Not the content we deserve, but the content we need.
  8. Rabble! Rabble! Rabble!

  9. Protest signs should be a one-shot kill for anyone with armor (ie. cops) I don’t want my kill abilities limited to nakeds and medics.
  10. I've got a protest sign with your name on it, Buddy.  😆

    1. HomeTrlx


      Can u show me that sign?🤣

    2. cHIP oTLE

      cHIP oTLE

      After my point expires, you’re mine! 😜

    3. HomeTrlx
  11. Honestly makes Shooting people out of ifrits look too easy...
  12. Must’ve had some faulty rocket boosters... didn’t make it too high
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