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  1. lol ik, but he needs 1.7 mill to get to his bid. ill wait till he has it then out bid
  2. mate sorry not gonna bid myself up. maybe when you get enough cap ill take you seriously
  3. parzah stop betting up if you dont have the money mr. 3.5m 5m
  4. (102) ArmA 3 exploit for my bounty - YouTube
  5. what part of my body did you hit that killed me? my fucking pinky toe lmaoooo. good shit
  6. Blunts Listings 1. Scotch house 2. Kav gun store house {1. syrta scotch house} 2k from distillery 5k from Atheria lots of good places to get barley (ex. orino) less then 100 meters from gas station fully upgraded {2. Kav gun store house} 25 meters from gun store 200 meters to square can camp gun store from inside house good view of square road accepting offers below
  7. Name in-game : Blunt Timezone : central Hours(screenshot) : 1391.6 Previous Gangs : Order of merlin, NW, few older ones Why should we accept you? : I'm pretty chill and I can fight anytime anywhere. Also I can support myself and just want to help the gang. Who can vouch :
  8. New gang for lesser experienced players Focused on Cartels and the drug trades, Bound to win helps lower income players build up there wealth and become stable More experienced members will take on higher rolls of command Application format In game name: Time on Arma 3: pervious gangs: reason you want to join:
  9. In game name: Blunt Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required) : https://gyazo.com/e1037166a24bccabd2377fdc3cdd2580 Previous Gangs N/A Vouch N/A
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