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  1. What about dropping how many houses can be owned? Or maybe even making a main house or something like that and then you have to pay to keep more, something rolling along those lines. Because punishment to new players with this can be difficult, but by not shoving a fee in their face they would be happier and have more of an edge than those established, and having less houses more houses would open up to the market.
  2. No, I see the potential in this. The housing market is flooded and it's an issue. Something needs to be done to combat it, but I feel this was not it, and could of been combatted by seeing peoples opinions in it before launching is all. Of couse we appreciate the effort to fix the issue.
  3. thank god. Maybe next time before you make a change like that inform the community and get feedback before you hit them with an L when they login.
  4. ayy love the name of the gang and your name. I love watching T-PAIN's twitch streams. Best of luck in your journey with PBS!
  5. Nope I don't, don't be so offended. I said over 1000 hours, which means over 1000. i do indeed have over 1500 hours on arma 2 also. But no hard feelings. best of luck with the gang!
  6. In-game name : MegaToadStoney Hours on Arma 3 ( screenshot required ) : 600+ on arma 3 1500+ on arma 2. Im at work rn so i cannot screenshot. But can gladly. How active will you be per week? (ss of past 2 weeks) : I play for hours a day usually. Unless I am busy IRL. Previous Gangs : Taliban, Men of Mayhem, Spartans, etc NA/EU? : NA Anyone in the gang that will vouch for you. Don’t think so. I am a 23 year old in Ohio EST. I’m an IT tech and looking for more people to play with as I currently play with no one. I have good knowledge of every aspect of the game and am looking to fight cartels and do runs together. I play alot of EMT since thats good solo right now.
  7. In-game name - MegaToadStoney Age - 23 Timezone - EST Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - At work currently but its at 650+ hours arma 2 over 1000 hrs. Bank Balance - 1m currently with everything i need purchased. Previous Gangs (if any) - Taliban, Men of Mayhem, spartans, space force(trial) APD/AFD Rank (if any) - EMT Can anyone in the gang vouch for you? - sadly I don’t know many people. Knowledgable of all aspects of the game. Mature and chill guy. Looking to have a well versed group of people to play with and take cartels.
  8. Name in-game : MegaToadStoney Timezone :EST Hours(screenshot) : 625 on this arma3 account.. i used to have another in 2017 but it was hacked and lost. arma 2 over 1000 hours. https://prnt.sc/1rbvp78 arma 3 hrs for current account. Previous Gangs : Taliban, Men Of Mayhem, Spartans, NS, Why should we accept you? : I am an active player who wants to have a good group to play with. I don't really know to many people on the server as far as friends who play. But I have been playing since 2016/17. 23 years old. I have cartel knowledge and knowledge of just about everything in the game and feel like i could be a good addition to the team. Financially stable. Who can vouch : Good question.
  9. AH, well its my main spawn point for now
  10. Yessir thank you. I wanted a close house near that area, I just wanted to list all my real estate incase someone wants it more than me
  11. https://prnt.sc/1r8bzc9 pic of location right by skip/mineral processing. 1c. post offers below!
  12. https://prnt.sc/1r8bsig pic of location kavala skip/weed field 3c Post offers below
  13. https://prnt.sc/1r8bmgs DP 3 Dark fungi den 1c. Post offers below
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