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  1. I'm not sure that they'd ever bring back the second server. But if they did, I'd be all for it being a new database with a fresh start for everyone. I like playing with all I have now, but having a second server with an essentially second life would be pretty fun to play from time to time.
  2. At the above date and time (1630 Hours, EST - 08/02/2020) a Prison Break Training will be held by APD SGT. Mr. Baggins
  3. CQC Training hosted by CPL. Leggo, Supervised by SGT. Mr. Baggins at 2215 hours EST
  4. CQC Training hosted by CPL. Lego, Supervised by SGT. Mr. Baggins
  5. Best I can do is $20
  6. I don't think this is about the Captains giving anyone the middle finger, and I don't think they're trying to flex any special powers. The way I see it, they wanted to add a backup plan the APD can use during feds that are heavily stacked against us. I know someone asked why not just give the power to SGT+ at their discretion, and frankly, I think that would have gone over far worse. Historically, people have not been a fan of SGTs and LTs getting additional powers against civs, and they certainly wouldn't like a power like combat seizing gold bars to be able to be used by ranks that are almost always on, and are arguably more likely to use it. I agree completely that retired captains tend to be the source of issues that arise the CPT based policies. However, I don't think this applies to all retired captains, and even with retired captains included, there is still only ever one to two people online that could possibly make use of this policy. I don't think that one or two cops with the power to combat seize gold from vehicles, only after they've left the fed will be that common or that big of an issue. But, that's just the opinion of a humble career cop.
  7. Dawg, there's only ever like 2 Captains on at a time, if any. I promise it won't be that big of a deal. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, this was more of a backup plan the APD can use (again, only when a Captain is on) during a fed that's heavily stacked against us. I don't think giving that power to 2 people will make that big of a difference.
  8. What about the vast majority of cops who can't use it since only undercovers can buy Granit Bs?
  9. Few Questions: I. Why would only CPL+ patrol this? It sounds like any other drug field. The only reason uranium has that rule is because Constables and Cadets don't have access to the proper equipment to patrol it safely. II. Why would tobacco be illegal? I get the whole 'Cuban Embargo' thing, but this is Altis, so why not just make it a legal money making method? I'd rather have new legal ways to make money than illegal. III. Why an $8,500 bounty? That would make it the 3rd highest priced charge for possession behind Meth, Uranium, and Dog/Turtle Meat. There's no reason why tobacco, if it were illegal (Which again sounds ridiculous) should give a bounty higher than marijuana, heroin, PCP, cocaine, liquor, explosives, and illegal firearms. If anything, it should be one of the smallest if at all. IV. Why on a secluded island requiring a boat? It doesn't make much sense in my eyes to make it something that needs to be done in a boat. Just put it up in the north west and give people a reason to go there for a change besides liquor. V. If its going to be in a boat from the island east of Therisa, why process in Stavros? Who would want to take a boat that far for a small time paycheck? VI. 300 space in the boats? I would literally never do tobacco with that much space. I would just go do sea turtles if I could hold that much. It pays way better, and has historically (For me at least) been a safe and profitable source of income even with just 200 storage. That's all for now, but I'm sure I could take time to nitpick more but I can't be bothered atm.
  10. Undercover boats for cops pls. I need to make my role play navy.
  11. CQC Training hosted by Mr. Baggins at 1345 EST
  12. Prison Break Training hosted by SGT. Mr. Baggins at 0010 hours EST
  13. Basic Flight Training hosted by SGT. Mr. Baggins on 05/08/2020 at 0000 hours EST.
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