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  1. As a matter of fact, I do. I play civ. Specifically, to sell drugs (At those drug dealers you're talking about) to make money. Yet, I don't find myself having the same initiation problems at drug dealers that you do.
  2. Interaction distance has always meant close enough to interact, as in selling. I see no reason why that would need to change personally. If you're in a totally different building away from the NPC or across the street where you aren't close enough to sell/buy from the drug dealer, then you aren't in the immediate area. If you're not sure if they're close enough, it only takes a couple of seconds to initiate.
  3. Fun fact of the day, the initiation range (Or more accurately, RDM zone) of drug dealers is listed on the wiki, just like every other illegal areas range is. https://gyazo.com/712dc23c8516b7503
  4. There are certain times and reasons that people may need to be at rebel longer. Like say, for instance, they are fighting the APD who has raided said rebel or pursued them up there after a federal event. There are 7 rebels on the map man, it can't be that hard to go to 1 to re-gear. I've never had a problem doing it.
  5. In all fairness, half of their deaths are me crashing my car with them in it. (And nothing related to passenger seating)
  6. A CM Captain? Count me in. APD on top boys
  7. Like this post to dislike @Nathan_'s awful montage.
  8. Finally, an idea I can get behind. +1 my guy
  9. I don't know what sort of hostage/crisis negotiation trainings you've been attending, but my Sheriff's office trained us not to give weapons to the guy threatening to murder us and our fellow officers. On account of the whole threatening to murder us thing. And if realism is what you're going after, what kind of hostage taker negotiates with the person they are taking hostage?
  10. 1. This is a light rp server for a game, most of it is not realistic. Nor is it meant to be. 2. Towns are just a starting place for getting items you need to get going. Get the items, and get going. Unless I was in Kavala, I've rarely been unable to do that. 3. Of course cops can sit in towns? They're towns, it's where people and criminals are, of which it is their job to stop. Have you ever driven in a real city? There's gonna be cops there, that's how this works. 4. Of course cops can lock you up or make you pay your fine for doing criminal activity. They are cops, you're breaking the law. How in God's Earth did you expect them to do anything besides fine you or lock you up? That's kind of their thing. 5. You don't have to take the time to report someone for RDM if you don't want to or feel it isn't worth your time. But you can't complain that they aren't punished or claim the admins aren't doing anything if you don't report it. That's like knowing someone broke the law, not saying anything, and wondering why they weren't arrested. That's all I got for now. Good luck with whatever the heck it is you're doin' that led to this post my guy. o7
  11. Please sir, have mercy on us poor officers. There is already 6 events that can (And typically are) cycled through back to back. Officers already have to give 2 lives to each of these events as it is, and when they are getting cycled, they have little time to do standard patrol already. Can we kindly not add more to the plate that they would be mandated to respond to? I'm all for new content, but I'd rather see more normal events that both officers and civilians can partake in willingly.
  12. It was removed from gun store for a reason. I'm a firm believer it should stay that way.
  13. Exactly why I can only claim 90%. If he had included medics killed by SGTs the number would be too high to post
  14. No, I don't think it's overpowered. Civs have the same vehicle. Yes officers could push with striders and hunters before, but whenever it is even a somewhat decent gang, it is extraordinarily easier to shoot out a driver or passenger of either of those vehicles than it is an ifrit. Even I can shoot out a Hunter, and I might as well be a walking target with an LT bar taped to it. Also, if you pulled an ifrit in Athira that was YOUR choice. You ran the risk of getting spiked or caught anyways. But you chose to pull it out. No one made you do that. When we pull an ifrit for 42k (50k if upgraded, not half the price of your ifrit), we run the risk of it getting stolen and chopped, which gives you money. When you pull it, you run the risk of it being seized. And no, you can't claim our ifrits, but guess what mate, we can't claim yours either. You can chop it, in combat, with no timer and get paid. If we disable your ifrit, we have to wait 1 minute with 0 shots fired before we can do anything to it, and we get maybe a couple grand per cop once it is seized. It's not like every cop can pull ifrits anyways. There's probably not even 15 people who commonly get on that can pull the things. Its nowhere near as big an issue as you make it seem, and like I said, it will die out with time. They've been around for a week at most, give it a chance before asking for such a major change.
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