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  1. A Bank Training will be hosted at 1815 hours, EST. The training will be hosted by TO SGT. B. Baggins
  2. SWAT Training at 1800 hours EST Hosted by: CPL. Nathan Supervised by: SGT. B. Baggins
  3. I think this has been the fastest V2 release I've ever seen! Great work getting it set up and ready so quickly. Looking forward to seeing its development.
  4. Not even 3 full days. We made it like, really late Monday night/really early Tuesday morning.
  5. Damn, @bbgreg17 was right. Now I owe him 20k.. Congrats anyways fellas, good luck!
  6. I wasn't sold until the civ popped out with the rook. Good quality game-play right there.
  7. I hope that is a joke. Because if it isn't, then you my friend have got some serious delusions of grandeur that need to be addressed. Good luck with whatever you encounter in the future, I hope you handle it better than you did here. And frankly, I think I'd rather have a new backpack skin than an alliance system. Give me one that looks like a turtle shell to wear with a green wetsuit!
  8. You shouldn't need to text anyone. If you're actively intending or planning to run with a group, the overwhelmingly vast majority of people I have met over the years would be in communication through TeamSpeak or Discord, and already KNOW they need to join a group upon joining, or can quickly confirm friendlies from enemies. Not that this problem is completely unique to you, but it seems more on your end than anything else. Additionally, like stated before, KOS zones are not designed nor intended to create roleplay. They are the exact opposite, where even the light RP the server is based aroun
  9. ^ There it is straight from the dev himself. Group systems have worked so far, no reason we can't keep working with them now.
  10. I'm not sure how much more clear I can be, mate. I see your point, yes. I have seen and understood it from the first post, I never needed clarification. I just don't agree with your point. But that's just my opinion, and I'm just another guy on the server. It's up to you to take that opinion for whatever you will.
  11. First, I have to be frank, I have no idea what you're talking about with psychology and seeing less threatening colors. Unless you're afraid of the color white, I don't see that making any sense. As for players going up to each other, I don't see this as an issue. Players who WANT to have friendly interactions tend to seek out and try to. Players who don't will either avoid interacting with other players, or will act hostile towards them. The color of their name has little to do with it. As for your interactions with other gangs or gang members, this, in my opinion, holds little value as well.
  12. As interesting of an idea as alliances sounds to be, I don't think they need to be added to the server. I'm not totally opposed to it, I just don't see it as necessary to add. Groups work just fine to avoid shooting friendly players, and people have been using the group system to combine their gangs for events/big runs for years now. While it'd be an interesting function to see if it was implemented, I don't think it's needed.
  13. Not sure who all was involved in this event, but nice work boys! Glad to see the APD is doing well at these events (At least some of the time). Keep it up fellas
  14. The virtual items alone that are shown (Which isn't everything) total up to around $3 million (A rough guess because I can't be bother to factor for cartels, taxes, etc.). That doesn't even account for how much could be made if all the unprocessed shit got processed and sold (The uranium alone would fetch over $700,000) nor does it account for any of the firearms in the physical inventory. I know what I'm doing for money from now on.
  15. Teamwork Training hosted by SGT. B. Baggins at 0020 hours EST.
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