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  1. In-Game Name:Murph Age:24 Arma 3 hours: Around 450 Bank Balance: 200k atm Have you ever been banned?No Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak? Yes Current and Past Gangs? Boonie Boys If in a current gang, why are you looking to leave?im not currently in a gang Why do you want to join our gang? The Name and active rebel activity Do you know any members of our gang? no
  2. Name In game: Murph Time Zone: Eastern (NY time) Age: 24 Hours on Arma 3 ? Hours on Asylum? 500, 350-400 Previous Gangs? boonie boys from s3 Rank in APD If any applies? n/a Previous Bans? none I'm a good ole boy Experience in PB / Fed / Bank? I know the steps but haven't been on the robbery side of it. Experience with all cartel locations and spots? I used to take the territories myself. my gang showed lack of interest in more rebel activity so I came to s4 Combat style? Duck and weave. Shoot, cover, move, shoot Member of the gang whom you know and were referred by? dididiamond. but i know he isnt in this gang anymore but he said this would be a good group for me to run with.
  3. In-Game Name- Murph Age- 24 Arma Hours(Screenshot)- http://imgur.com/bRcnuZ5 288 Banked Money- 70k atm Have you ever been Banned?- no Current/Past Gangs- not on s4 Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?- yes to the mic What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?- Met a few of the ds in kavala once and they seemed cool. It would be nice to have a set group to work with sometimes instead of paying to gear up randos to roll with.
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