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  1. Guess I'm taking the car crashes. Vehicles loses
  2. Offers. 3 crate Ephedra house for sale 700m away. Comes with 2 kits, 3 MXM's , 1 ADR , 1 Spar 17, 1 LIM, 1 Type 115 Front https://gyazo.com/177efa3187cd3f4af14f850adb221f66 Map view https://gyazo.com/5ef16a940191c38ea85a59190c1a9b5b
  3. Wait to you actually have a relevant rank to be able to give people ranks
  4. Why don't you go back to crying rather then talking crap that you clearly have no idea what you're talking about, like read what's being put
  5. we don't need broke people buying RPGS so nah 100k seems fine
  6. you're in Farmersville, please don't talk about gangs kap
  7. exactly if pistol bangers who rarely come out of the houses can do it pretty sure anyone can
  8. LEave if you don't wanna read the post lol Awww you mad??? go back to pistol banging kiddo
  9. Add it and lower rpgs to 100k rather then 150k easy best part is the thing is only for events so most you pistol bangs don't even have to worry about it
  10. 1) rarely going see it 2)easy to shoot out guy / easy shoot out tires 3) guys get out of back so just kill them as they drop 4) rpg the shit
  11. it's really not that op it's actually easy to deal with it slow as shit and easy to disable
  12. seems fair enough, considering how little see the capt on wouldn't be all that common anyways plus it's not that hard to counter it
  13. Just No, drive your lazy ass to skip you bunch of plebs
  14. <---- buys 12 RPGS in 1 restart XD
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