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  1. Got to be able to read before they can do that leave them alone they will learn one day I'm sure @skimancole
  2. Dam didn't know captains had stealth my guy fck them stealthed captains for not pulling us a marid
  3. you literally lost the mental before that pipe down
  4. I've played dom twice solo dam you got me there
  5. You ever off the death screen go back to being carried pls
  6. We pushed the time before and you got wiped thought we would give you a chance this time
  7. APD - Using the New and improved resources provide too their maximum, Thanks for all the development changes towards this event. We're so happy to be here!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. https://gyazo.com/8fbbf005524e571ad9f07c4cdfb5c78f view of back of dmv from upstairs door https://gyazo.com/54a7d9051c49166a3594907d0122d3c8 Item's (speed bomb) https://gyazo.com/c11ee7d1fc9124afe3a53212fc6c4dfd Gear https://gyazo.com/721a755efdee93354992d9e9aa7f58db
  9. I'm sorry but this entire post just made me feel like I was smart and we all know that's a load of bull. I love the effort you put into this all but you should think about everything you typed, then think some more.
  10. ?what are APD captains Gratz
  11. +1 add that to voting @Mitch (IFRIT)
  12. yeah i think thats a better idea
  13. I personally would enjoy it I think it might stop a few of the older guys from bothering to play but I am interested in what people are gonna say
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