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  1. This actually sounds like a great idea not going to lie
  2. Haha that is a bold accusation and I never revealed my vote.
  3. I said were chill. I have no issues with him
  4. That made me laugh lol Also @Tarro never leaked to me and were chill. That do be true tho. Laptop gaming for life my dude.
  5. Sorry I screwed up. Hows your chances at corporal
  6. Don't make me play your audio Come talk to me when your hacks are off rat
  7. Rebel Raid Training at 11:30 CST. This will count towards your two trainings for corporal.
  8. Pursuit Training. Counts towards two corporal trainings
  9. Pursuit Training at 12:45 AM CST
  10. Cops have always been allowed to patrol feds. Now maybe be more sneaky about it or try something else.
  11. Where is your cop tags on the forums rat
  12. Listen, as much as I hate Kitui, if his ban isn't severe then id say maybe a temp ban for a month. Don't get me wrong, hes toxic and has tried getting me blacklisted and permed but he is just trying to play the game like the rest of us.
  13. CQC Training 11:00 CST
  14. Maybe you should roleplay with the officers then instead of just keeping them in your house
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