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  1. I have come home from college and found myself locked in a prison cell called my room. All I have is a bottle of tequila and a roll of ritz crackers. Sometimes I find myself crying while other times I find myself playing Asylum. My parents have given my a towel and water to bath myself in. Send Help
  2. We already have an asylum minecraft server. MSG for more info
  3. Does it have at least 60% alcohol?
  4. Stop complaining about police just because you didn't make it.
  5. -1 Because it was Master's idea
  6. This is the video they will show when they are deciding if I get LT or not
  7. Maybe go diamond mining instead! There is other options besides fighting cops
  8. +1 Kavala could really use an update especially in square.
  9. This is honestly becoming just petty. Grow a pair of balls god damn.
  10. Personally I don't believe the rule was meant for cops. While yes there are occasions where cops will ram vehicles, it is few and far between and usually not on purpose. There are however countless times civs will try to tap a vehicle to make it glitch out or go flying. a few people have been exploiting this grey area for a long time.
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