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  1. The governor should also be able to kill anyone they please without penalty!
  2. My professor just showed up to lecture high... Respect

    1. Lucien


      Cool story bro

    2. Dick Romney

      Dick Romney

      Thank you Max, very cool!

  3. Here is an easy way to make money. Be a cop! You are one already just do that? Also easy money is diamond mining.
  4. Ive seen this so many times... Spoiler, it makes it easier for cops
  5. I'm not here to argue, take it somewhere else. It is solely a suggestion for us.
  6. I know the developers are working non stop on bringing asylum a more enjoyable and lag free server but I just want to make sure that the sirens (Yelp, Phaser, Dual) are not forgotten about. While these sirens may not seem significant, they do increase role play and get more attention when attempting a traffic stop/ rapid response. The directional also added a better role play experience. Like I said prior, I just am making sure they are not forgotten about because they do give the police cars a little more fun. **Side Suggestion** Bring back the criminal records database. It personally helped me in deciding if I should give people a violation if they have priors for the same charge. This also adds to role play but really does help when deciding to convict someone for infractions. Thank you for taking this into consideration. Also great work on V2, it looks great!
  7. I look at this from both sides not just a APD one. Each side, (Civilian and police) have advantages and disadvantages which ultimately makes them equally op in the end. Think back a couple years and yes, the police was a little more advanced than civs but now so much has been reformed that it is not nearly as bad.
  8. Honestly you hurt my brain. You have literally killed brain cells. 1) Cops have been ridiculously restricted in the past months. Countless tools, and privileges have been taken away for civilians to have a easier time. 2) Nerfing cops will only make more cops leave like some have already. 3) Its not our fault you suck at combat To conclude, please never say nerf the cops again. I don't usually be an a hole to someone on here but your stupidity literally hurts my brain.
  9. Sadly you aren't wrong.
  10. An APD update!!!! FINALLYYYYYYYYY - Lots of love
  11. When you find out the Cadet that you gave a mock to is the most wanted... *hands in electronic badge* where did i is I go wrong *tear*
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