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  1. Christian R


    Yeah, it seems like a game you need people to play with.
  2. Christian R


    Yo anyone play SQUAD or know if it's any good. I just bought it a couple weeks ago and want a group to play with.
  3. Christian R

    Sea of thieves

    Is it even a good game? I heard it kinda sucked
  4. keep it but make the cop limit 20% of the server. AKA 23-25 cops when it's a full server, shit even 20 would be decent
  5. It's honestly a good idea. It would need to get reworked/reformatted though
  6. @Lorax hands down best montage 10/10 would not be mad
  7. Thanks bb gurl. Make sure it's a chicken ceasar salad
  8. @Tarro out here stealing people's idea. SHAME!!
  9. So are we gonna bring aliens to Asylum? Make it a 4th faction(completely fucking around)
  10. I gotta say this has to be a thing. Airdrops should strictly be a civ/rebel thing, especially since it's a chanced event
  11. I do have to say the god mode on cop restraints should be removed ASAP. It's retarded that it's even scripted that way.
  12. I gotta say, there is literally no point in there being god mode for cop restraints. What makes a pair of handcuffs a bullet shield? This needs to go
  13. Everything, except the cops vaulting over the fed walls with a van, are great ideas. Honestly, if cops using that shitty tactic is what makes or breaks or fed then you just need to plan better. It's pretty easy to shoot out a slow-moving van and plus it gives the cops a chance. Pushing just the gates are just fucking boring.
  14. bitch I've probably played more civ then you recently, shut yo monkey foot ass up
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