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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome! I read all the rules! I will not be a dick, i just wanna play legal. Have my honest job and meet people. But i'm having difficulty in joining the server it says always "You have been kick out from the game" I tried server #4 and #1...but always kicked out. Do I need a special version of the game? Because on server list it says " The mods or version of the game are not compatible" a green dot with a "?"...Hope some one can help me i really wanna start a life in asylum Hope your new year is start very well
  2. Hello My Name is zipygo im from portugal and i'm a new member of asylum. I hope everything is ok with every one. i would like to know how can i play life from arma 3? what do i need? do i need any mod or something else? thank you happy new year
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