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  1. A crisp $5 bill and some spit
  2. Lmao I have a 3 crate inside weed and I wouldn’t even think to put it up for 1.5 youre nutty
  3. In game name:Reaper753159 game time:1907 hours https://gyazo.com/5c9130e2c5d8b6331878abad0eaad0a1 age: 20 blood money 106k bank: 600k I mainly own a lot of assets I make orcas and Ifrits in my spare time and run guns since I live at vehicle factory all 5 of my houses/sheds are stocked Apd rank: Constable ive been banned once for combat logging but thay was sorted out because I’d didnt combat log I crashed and had video evidence previous gang: taliban I was with senior Aiden he can vouch for me I know he’s a recruit rn maybe Leroy Jenkins can to s
  4. Uhm....dude? The 700k I need to pay you to get this shed I guess....?
  5. Then don’t give me your joke offers you room temperature iq
  6. I’ve been using multiple nasa satellites the military’s top investigators and some of earths greatest most advanced technology and yet I still can’t find who tf asked for either of your opinions Bag and panda
  7. Selling 3 crate inside weed field buyout 1mil or other offers
  8. https://gyazo.com/fd81924796b465d0c4d75c39f65085d6 100meters from blackmarket 1crate house kavala
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