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  1. House number isn't the issue, pure activity is. Altis is a huge map. If you want a decent house in Kavala, Pyrgos, or Sofia, you will find one. If you want a nice house in a small town or in the sticks for drugs/crafting you will find one. The only housing markets that are truly tied up are: Athira, Cartel/Free Fire, sheds, and close drugs like meth lab and purification. Obviously big gangs and old time players are going to cling to those properties like crazy because of their strategic value. There is no shortage of housing, and making blanket restrictions like a reduced house cap would not fix the "housing shortage" at all. Big gangs would just drop their shacks in the sticks to keep their valuable city houses. Nothing would change. Better idea: Seize homes/sheds in red zones once every 2-6 months under imminent domain and either auction or lottery them off to people who aren't in the gang of the previous owner.
  2. On behalf of the Kavala Police Department, we salute you.
  3. I hope this gets approved. It would come in handy for bounty hunters (and people who RP as corrupt cops in Kavala). No reason not to add it.
  4. INTRODUCTION 2022 - Crime is up 236% across the island, and there is no end in sight. It's clear that the state police (APD) are mired by incompetence and corruption. With no one to turn to, the people of Kavala have formed their own private police force, the Kavala Police Department, to take back their city! The KPD is in need of new officers (like you) to help keep our fair city safe. The KPD is a privately funded organization that answers only to the City of Kavala. We offer our officers the finest training in the use of firearms, vehicle operation, and civil interaction. KPD fields it's officers with the finest weapons and uniforms, straight from the Kavala Armory. We work in close cooperation with the various defending militias in Kavala to maximize our effectiveness. Join the KPD to see why we're widely considered the best law enforcement agency on the island. Would you like to know more? Read below for application instructions. REQUIREMENTS [•1•] KPD is first and foremost a roleplay gang. While we absolutely care about winning the fights, what matters most is how we portray ourselves beforehand. If you aren't interested in playing the role of a crooked cop, a career in the KPD is not for you. [•2•] Officers of the KPD wear uniforms. Unlike the APD we don't get to spawn with kits, so this means we have to gear up between patrols and other ops. KPD also uses a number of Arma Squads to add our logos in game. If this bothers you, a career in the KPD is not for you. [•3•] The KPD does not have a limit on gameplay hours, however we reserve the right to keep anyone with under 200 hours as a Rookie until such time as they either reach 200 hours or show proficiency at the game. We will try our best to train you. [•4•] All officers must own property in the City of Kavala. Applicants who do not own Kavala property will remain a Rookie until such time as they can prove residence in the city. [•5•] All officers must be financially self-sufficient. While the department's Police Academy will help newer applicants earn income, all Rookies must pay a $250,000 testing fee before graduation. Rookies will remain as such until they can afford to pay this fee. [•6•] The KPD prides itself on doing the real police work the APD either can't or won't do. If someone in the Kavala area is being robbed or needs help, it is your duty to offer some assistance. This can include mass shootings, kidnappings, gas station robberies, and vehicle recovery. We also collect bribes, offer protection to criminals who pay us off, and kill people outside of town for fun. [•7•] The department will often conduct planned patrols, checkpoints, undercover stings, and other law enforcement operations. Officers will be required to attend and assist in these events when they are on duty. Roaming and killing is cool, but pull up for the gang. [•8•] The KPD is self-funding. Officers will be required to assist in operations that either add to the budget or stock our armory once a week. [•9•] Officers of the KPD are required to adhere strictly to Asylum server rules at all times. If it seems questionable, ask your fellow officers and take caution. A W in a gunfight is not worth an avoidable ban. APPLICATION To apply to the KPD, reply to this thread with answers to the following questions: -[Personal]- [•1•] Ingame name [•2•] Age [•3•] Discord [•4•] Hours available weekly -[Ingame Information]- [•5•] Arma 3 hours played [•4•] Current Asylum money [•5•] How would you rate your gunplay skills in Arma 3? [•6•] Have you been in a gang? If yes, list them. [•7•] Have you ever been in the AFD [•8•] Have you ever been in the APD [•9•] Why do you want to join the KPD?
  5. Anyone else ever just flatten all of the barley field with a car for fun?
  6. I can live with the wipe. It's hard as hell on solo grinders like me, but I can stomach seeing my mils get axed. What I can't stomach is losing all of my hard earned houses without a fair shot at getting at least one of them back. I see people in this thread suggesting that we keep the data from the temp wipe for the perm wipe. If that happens, lots of players will be getting fucked. By now the kids who decided to run the "temp" wipe already have the good real estate. It would be unethical to advertise a temp wipe only to then make that data permanent. Also, as someone said further up, if we do a full on perm wipe the exact hour, timezone, and date need to be relentlessly spammed in game and on forums for at least a week or two so people can plan accordingly. Once these houses get bought up, they will be static again for however many years until the next wipe, and personally, I don't want to give up Kavala mansion. Take my cash, take my kits, don't give my house to that shitter Human Eater.
  7. 10 million dollars to carpet bomb Athira into dust. A good investment.
  8. For RP and police type work this would be an amazing toy. Meta guys don't think it has any value, but imagine sticking one of these on your hemmit before a run or on your frit before a fight, just in case someone tries to raccoon your vic. Nothing to lose with this suggestion, devs need to make it happen.
  9. Constables should only get a rangemaster belt and a P07.
  10. I think the idea of having optional side-events that people can do to make a later heist even slightly easier would be cool. Bombing a power station that would up your bounty/have risk of police but succeeding means banks/jewelry/shipping/asylum events are slightly easier could be possible. Reminds me of the heist setup in San Andreas. If you made a future post just suggesting optional side events like that to encourage heist planning, Im sure it would get more support. Utility bills are a big no no. They were tried last year and everyone hated them. While I like the idea of implementing more roleplayish life elements to Asylum, having to come home from work just to grind and work on Asylum to keep my houses is just
  11. I don't buy your argument dude. Yes, big gangs tend to run the high earners, but solos and small gangs are perfectly capable of making bank. Want proof? I have 13 mil liquid, another quarter in stored kits, another quarter in my garage, and properties that could sell for many millions on the market. I did all of that solo without running with a gang or group. In fact, I did most of that running without even carrying a gun. Barely ever got caught or killed. If you learn to time your runs, scope out areas, and even make contacts with other players who do the same runs, you can make your money in relative safety while mitigating risk. Weed is just a lazy way of doing things. Ever since weed became the meta, I almost never see anyone at major fields. I go to coke, 4 out of 5 times not even a soul there during peak hours, the exception being a gang camper who took shots. LSD? Out of 5 runs, I haven't seen a soul at den or proc, same time last year both were highly active with solos, grinders, gangs, and cops. Went to purification during peak hours 3 times last month to scout housing, didn't see a soul and I was there for a good while. Went to high yield quarry for some crafting mats...No one there. See a pattern starting to emerge? Want to know where everyone is? Local drug dealer processing plants so they can afford a new frit and kits without the hassle or risk of actually leaving town and doing a run. It's shameful. Newbies can easily get the cash together for a decent house and some kits with a few high yield, oil, or oyster runs, and as it happens, rich players make more bank with the weed meta proportionally than the noobs. Your argument doesn't hold up at all. If you want to bridge the wealth gap, make the rich kids actually have to put in labor to maintain their balance. Remove house weed, simple as.
  12. I think Rando only suggested adding seeds/processing to Purification so that people wouldn't crowd Kavala to grow weed. You could just as easily set up special weed pros near Athira/Pyrgos/Sofia to keep things even, he just listed Purification since it already exists and would increase risk. If a noob wants to make money they have tons of jobs they could do. Two good excavator spots, multiple high yield mines, logging quests, legal gun crafting, hunting, oysters, and several low order drugs. Kids paid their bills before weed just fine, they will continue to do so if it's nerfed. Either way, we all know weed isn't the domain of noobs, it's the domain of weekend players, zerg suiciders, and real estate scalpers. Lazy people who can't be assed to go earn cash so they hoard up town houses and just sing songs at dealer for an hour a day. Break the weed meta and kids will go do something for once.
  13. Agreed on nerfing house weed. Rando put up a poll that covers it well enough. It is going to suck for kids who blew millions on weed shacks in Sofia, but that's not my problem. LSD was OP, but between price nerfs and weight increases on fungi, I don't think it needs another nerf. LSD is pretty high risk with den and proc both being super campable. You of all people should remember how Imperium used to fight 24/7 to control proc while DS and q19 worked den. The only reason you don't see any real action there is because of weed making LSD irrelevant. Nerf town weed and LSD will become a major drug again. Crank can't be stored in a house so it isn't a solo grinder job. I think if you're willing to go through the trouble of getting mats/coordinating with the boys/cooking out in the sticks, the meager price of crank is fair. Same for moonshine. Same price as house weed but you have to actually work to source ingredients and proc it. White lightening is nerfed so most don't even bother with it.
  14. Voted yes. Too many shitters hogging up Kavala real estate just to grow the Devil's lettuce. Revive weed pro.
  15. Kavala Slave Market is going to have lots of merchandise on July 3rd!
  16. Man's high strung, god damn. Never a reason to yell at Mathi like that, Mathi's the nicest man in Kavala.
  17. It's down the street west of Kavala drug dealer. If anyone knows the owner please let me know who so I can make them an offer.
  18. Generator printers that give you 200k? Ain't no way devs will do that. Best bet, maybe they could do something like the laundering scheme I posted earlier in this thread...Mobile generator for a 200k run. Mein gott. Ain't no fuckin way.
  19. A fed event that the cops start, pretty cool. I hope this gets approved. When it does, just bring that hemmit full of meth to Kavala checkpoint, KPD will take real good care of it for you. Pinky promise.
  20. Suggesting the APD actually do some real police work? Oh no no no! Let the blue rats skitter around Athira. If Noobman69's box truck gets stolen (in Kavala) he can call KPD.
  21. If fentanyl is added we have to get a scroll wheel option to kneel on downed players.
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