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  1. Color tag in game?or blacked out/whiteout ghillies
  2. Dont worry i wont send 1 911 message and get points too!
  3. only server where you can pay off your bounty in jail, switch to medic and keep that bounty and get turned in, oh guess what jails broken, server restart in 10 with an 11 min jail time? sucks to be you... and after soft logging im out of jail with the bounty wtf
  4. @bamf is it DDOS ive never seen the server come back from red chain and yellow chain multiple times and keep doing it?
  5. crashes twice, about to be a third...
  6. Idk if you guys know but if you have a bounty hunter license, even if you have 7.62 you have to keep soft logging to capture a cartel, it goes about 30% then freezes each time
  7. Landed my Helicopter, got out and hip-fired. He was already initiated, the guy saying someone initiate didn't know we already did.
  8. didnt kill anyone with the heli, besides the officer, i will admit you getting downed was wrong but i didnt do it, so hop off my dick and get your facts straight
  9. Careful Spoons messages magically disappeared and all the messages quoting him
  10. yea one cop, for downing me 2 times and stealing my heli, great point snitch
  11. already talked to admins about it, just need to with captains
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