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  1. make the pants with the OG logo too.
  2. Perhaps the longest minute of my life.
  3. Tis the reason why this edit was published and not the later versions. Least I remind you of your toxic contributions.
  4. No one is making fun of anyone. This is a realistic portrait of our dear friend, who was modeling for the artist's interpretation. We are very fond of Blakey boi. I personally would not stoop to such levels of toxicity to make fun of an individual based on his situation on a public forum.
  5. This absolutely stunning portrait was drawn by @Bag Of Funyuns and @Jbdragon of our dear friend @Blake.. The life like artistic approach on this one will have me memorized for days. Quite literally a masterpiece that I had to share. Quality work.
  6. I'd help out for free if you wanted. Not an expert like Mr. Sp0on, but I have a lot of experience interviewing.
  7. I am sure you could make a whole montage of just saving @Jbdragon
  8. For only pennies a day, you too can afford a certified rat to sit at your door with a rook!
  9. The Ifrit skin is already made. NEXT, I need the three stripes down the center of a car.
  10. https://plays.tv/video/5d0c2f04eb2cb4404b/got-to-lock-the-house-up?from=user Have to arm my security system before a night on the town.
  11. TBH I bought the DLC for the shotguns alone.
  12. A lot of good patches on this, but I'm rather confused by making barley illegal. How does it make sense that I can't have the plant, but I can go into Kav square and have a pint of beer? Logical wise. Also by that standard shouldn't yeast also make the list?
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