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  1. I was banned over a year ago for some script kitty shit which i used to do when i was bored. I never did anything to hurt the server just spawned in guns or whatever so i could have a slight edge, never greifed the server or did any insane crazy server crashing or anything like that. I'm literally playing on my friends account because he brought his computer to my house while i build my new one so i can play arma and upload YouTube videos on arma and other games. I told the admin Yuhan or whatever his name is and he wouldn't hear me out or listen to anything i said. Im not the same person i was a year or two ago and dont even remember how to script on arma or anything but just wanted to let you know that if someone has been banned like me for over a year and they have a new account that hasnt even been reported not once for a single reason whatsoever that theyre probably not trying to cause trouble lowkey just wanted to make youtube videos of me doing salt runs and drug runs and stuff and role playing properly to let people see that ARMA is a game they should play but now i cant really do that. There's so much rdm on the server right now kavala is unplayable but somehow me, a guy making no trouble gets my ip logged and i get banned asking to talk in discord i just dont understand why hes sitting there looking at IP's instead of actually doing something for the community anyway i love the server always will just disappointed in staff :( 

  2. I bet you bought that sui vest from Dragon
  3. big fan

  4. Pretty obvious edited video by your group member's name. https://onlyfans.com/roicesb
  5. make a player report HERE , thank you
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