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  1. We should set a longer federal event timer. Cops are stuck in the infinite loop of all those federal events.
  2. This could be you or take you 2 real life years to be a virtual SGT
  3. Too laggy, people can't even see you because of your ping. I didn't even see anyone shot you in the video. You are only winning because my internet is better than yours. #RegionBlock I just memeing
  4. 是时候告诉你们真相了,服务器这么卡都是因为 @Issac在服务器里,他太胖了 胖的服务器都处理不好,所以会这么卡。 It’s time to tell the truth, server lag are because @Issac, issac is too fat so the server lag when he is in.
  5. This shit wack you wack this server wack yo momma wack

  6. @chrome.I was in rebel when you msg in chat, you never said someone VDMed you. You only said "it's ok to VDM and kill YuSheng" "there is a plane" "ban him". Like how can I know someone VDMed you when you saying those LOL, if you just PM me a clip or just want me to watch them I would love to help and ban the VDMer on sight. I was super confused and asked @Blake.and @Ethan Darrell "is fly a plane bannable in dom server." If you can just send a clear and nice msg next time, that would be helpful.
  7. apology accepted Just stop saying racial slurs, , I understand shit talking is a big part of this game but it's not fun if you guys keep bringing the race into it, I mean just KYS or something like that should be edgy enough for the cartel. My feeling was not hurt (was a bit annoying tho), the reason I msg in here is most because chrome sent me a bunch of shit about my chink eye, and be willing to wash my Chinese eye + pay my Chinese eye hospital bill. (can be nice if he actually gonna pay for it, I would like to be an Instagram idol)
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