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  1. I just hide that comment, it makes my eye hurt
  2. something called recoil control
  3. it says " YuSheng US Server Arma3, no recoil, crosshair not moving, hack cheat proof" This is his msg
  4. one of them think I am hacking now, and send me this video, they cut my video in 2:16 lol
  5. YuSheng

    Chinese players

    我是YuSheng, 是Asylum服务器的中文支持团队,如果需要任何帮助请找我。微信: chenyvsheng, Discord: YuShengChen# 2860. 你可以在论坛发一个支持帖子 https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/ 给管理员们说明情况
  6. Video is 4K but worst than 360p
  7. As a Chinese player, to the current situation of Asylum, I think we should not delete reward, we should open Medic, add infamy point, bring back random cocaine and heroin area, more civ clothes. There is a lot of servers in China, the reason why we play on Asylum because Chinese RP servers have bad RP, can not afford a good server for it, and admins are really bad too. that's why we play Asylum. But Asylum is hurting player's money in-game (closed Server 2 and 3, I lost over 10 million in-game, I believe there are more players like me), not add RP experience, that's only one reason of server going down.
  8. The FOV race gonna be the new Cold War
  9. Shrektacular

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