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  1. I'm not one to talk because I never play but with the recent influx of Olympus refugees it might be a good idea, or maybe some kind of beginner's starter package for people that don't want to grind all over again in a different community.
  2. I might have to dust off my constable uniform just to apprehend some crazy terrorist refugee..
  3. Same shit 2 jobs haha. Life brought me some difficulties with some past EMS crap but I learned how to live with it for the most part. Somedays I wish I could go back to living my my life in front of my computer screen like old times lol
  4. Sup my fellow Olympus OG's. What a strange family reunion this has been haha
  5. The problem will be the nubs breaking rules in game haha. I can imagine there will be salty Olympus players going on mass RDM runs. *better watch @Hadi Mokdad* Is it possible to build a Super Max style prison just for one possible terrorist refugee or would that fall under discrimination? Lol
  6. You bring the hooka and I'll bring the hash haha
  7. Nice to see you as well Good to see the people still love you lol. I always took being shit on by a 12 year old as a sign I was doing my job right haha
  8. Sup man. I dont really play Altis life anymore. I just pruise the forums from time to time as you might know..
  9. I've been a refugee for years now haha. Welcome fellow outcasts!
  10. I worked EMS for a little and now I work for a coffee business here in town. I'd say coffee is less stressful but you don't understand the agony of trying to remember a white girls coffee order.. Makes bad accident scenes look more appealing at times haha.
  11. I figured the Arma 3 virtual larping communities were dying but they were fun while they lasted. Assuming Asylum will still be active for some time but the game just isn't the same and a lot of us who used to be active Altis life community members have started new chapters.
  12. Back when I was working on Olympus I pitched the idea to change the siren tones because they sounded a little to European for my tastes. It's kind of fun to see what little changes can improve the server over time. I also pitched the idea of wig wags to DJwolf back when he was a dev and they came out fantastic but over time we noticed they aided in bogging the servers down haha.
  13. I still have no idea who you are? I've been away from the game far too long to care.
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