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  1. Yeah thats fair. At the time of this video I had barely ever played on Oly and wasn't aware of how cheap they were. At that low of a cost it makes a lot more sense now. IMO I don't see anything wrong with at least TRYING putting the doors on with an adjusted price and see how it goes. worst case scenario they just.. take the doors back off lmao
  2. I'll just leave this here since it seems like everyone has forgotten what it was like..
  3. "rod vs unknown" the man cant be stopped.
  4. forums looked a bit dry so I thought I'd drop some top notch content for ya
  5. im friends with the cheaters but im a good boy
  6. ahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha captain smoke strikes again just shoot back you shitties hahaha
  7. ah yes, one of unknowns finest hackers
  8. Ah yes, nice to see you too my fuhrer
  9. that was bannable before the VDM change tho
  10. VDM shouldn't be so black and white. It shouldn't be, "your car hit his car, therefore, VDM ban.". Intent, deaths, accidents. theres a lot of reasons why someone SHOULDNT get banned just because you bumped somebody. I do agree with cops slamming hemms with hatchbacks shouldn't be allowed. cops have spike strips that they can drop FROM THEIR CAR. they shouldnt be able to just ram trucks filled with 100s of thousands worth of bars in it.
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