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  1. I'm nothing compared to the motion blur beast himself
  2. This is the last one for sure! *wink* song: iamjakehill - Starship 92
  3. how the FUCK is this kid still the best??? love u tom good shit
  4. yea well i fucked your mom last night so
  5. tfw 2015 boomer shepurd claps the shitty zoomers <B^) lmao good fights i guess. i wuz gamin x)
  6. Hey I mean, there's no harm in putting it in the game to atleast TRY it out for a while. worst case scenario, you just remove it lmao. Personally I think its a really cool idea and I think we should give it a shot.
  7. lmao uber pwned LETS GO CONNOR!! (connor is sampletexts real name, but I can call him that because we are tight like that. Yeah, I know some pros. its no big deal to me tho )
  8. if there's a "rock bottom" thats gotta be it, right?
  9. so what you're saying is.. currently.. since there are admins running around with chigga in their name.. I can call people chiggers, right? lmao stop crying chigger
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