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  1. how the FUCK is this kid still the best??? love u tom good shit
  2. yea well i fucked your mom last night so
  3. tfw 2015 boomer shepurd claps the shitty zoomers <B^) lmao good fights i guess. i wuz gamin x)
  4. Hey I mean, there's no harm in putting it in the game to atleast TRY it out for a while. worst case scenario, you just remove it lmao. Personally I think its a really cool idea and I think we should give it a shot.
  5. lmao uber pwned LETS GO CONNOR!! (connor is sampletexts real name, but I can call him that because we are tight like that. Yeah, I know some pros. its no big deal to me tho )
  6. if there's a "rock bottom" thats gotta be it, right?
  7. so what you're saying is.. currently.. since there are admins running around with chigga in their name.. I can call people chiggers, right? lmao stop crying chigger
  8. Yeah thats fair. At the time of this video I had barely ever played on Oly and wasn't aware of how cheap they were. At that low of a cost it makes a lot more sense now. IMO I don't see anything wrong with at least TRYING putting the doors on with an adjusted price and see how it goes. worst case scenario they just.. take the doors back off lmao
  9. I'll just leave this here since it seems like everyone has forgotten what it was like..
  10. "rod vs unknown" the man cant be stopped.
  11. forums looked a bit dry so I thought I'd drop some top notch content for ya
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