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  1. I do understand that a lot of the cops are angry for us doing so many federal events but there is literally nothing else to do on the server. A majority of the cartel players left and the last remaining group was Sanity. They took over cartels but have seemed to of fizzled out now. As a side note the newer gangs are fighting cartels and it has created some interesting fights. There has been a massive shift in player population from old players to new ones. People tell us to runs drugs or something but there is literally no point. We have a combined net worth of like 200+ million and at this point we don't even fight for money. We are just fighting for the sake of the fight. Another common argument against us is that we are always rolling 15 deep and cops don't stand a chance. We literally do feds even with 5-6 guys against 12-14 cops. We still win. These policy changes have not done much to stop us anyway. I feel like they are just a crutch to make it easier for cops when captains are on but this is not what should be changed. There should be some changes implemented that help the cops even if there is no captain on. I believe something should be changed to balance the Federal Reserve as CEO of Fed has recommended several times and there are many different ideas that have been suggested. Trust me. The Fed is pretty much as boring for us as it is for the cops except we get kills.
  2. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: Industrial Shed Location (Town/DP#): North of Therisa Rebel Asking Price: Offers Description: Shed close to Therisa Rebel. Good for Zaros/gearing at rebel. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  3. Definitely not a nerf lol.
  4. I completely support the bounty hunter change. A majority of new players do not know how to bounty hunt and will end up breaking some rule going after a bounty. And to those who say it is gatekeeing, you literally just need to drive for around a minute to get to skiptracer. If a player truly wants a bounty hunter gun it won’t stop them. If your bounty hunting someone in a town all you have to do is keep respawning after you die, grab another downing gun, and run back. I think this will balance it out a little more.
  5. Wow sick comeback. The classic "get a girlfriend". How is he ever going to come back from that.
  6. Some lieutenants exploited using a hatchback to blow up one of our orcas in front of a ton of constables and cadets. They were literally asking are they allowed to do that and why they did that. It definitely rubs off on the new APD members. It says in the APD guidelines that officers are supposed to lead by example for both civilians and other officers. I guess the people actually leading the APD don't have to actually lead by example. Huh weird.
  7. The cops who did it were higher ups. We had 100% proof of them seizing and I filed over 5 reports in a single week. Only one got accepted in like 3 days because it was a constable. All the the reports weren't responded to for over a week and magically a new policy update comes out and guess what! Seizing after holding for 3 minutes is now allowed! But you want to know the even bigger bullshit. In 3/4 of the reports, the 3 minute timer didn't apply because we had just lost control. Apparently everyone in the APD is supposed to lead by example except the people who are actually leading the APD. Am I the only one who sees this problem? Even now literally in the middle of battles, captains are pulling us out of our ifrits, downing us, then driving back to HQ IN THE IFRIT so they can seize it. Like holy shit, It would be fine if they drove it back if the battle was over but they are actively doing it in the middle of combat to screw us over. And don't give the bullshit "captains can bend the rules". That is the most retarded excuse I have ever seen. They are supposed to be leading the APD, but are acting like petty children to win a fight.
  8. 1. Rebels have superior weapons is a fallacy. Of course, 7.62 is very useful but it is not a deciding factor in a fight at all. All the benefits of being on cop should couteract 7.62. We have done several federal events using nothing but the same guns/gear the cops use to see what happens. Guess what? We still won. 2. The reason we do federal events so much is there is literally nothing else worth doing on the server. On just the topic of money, we can make around 10 mil a day just doing Fed. For those who do them for money, there is no reason for us to do anything else. 3. Recently, cops have started becoming smart and getting to the Fed before we do at the first sign of us heading in that direction. It is annoying but we still win a majority of the time. It doesn't matter what position we are in. Attacking or Defending. We still win. Using that as an excuse makes no sense.
  9. I disagree with this. A lot of cops say they hate federal events because they want to roleplay but this is a lie. Literally only 2 things happen in the APD now. 1. Cops just repeatedly go to drug field and try to bust people then robocop them a lot of the time. 2. Every cop online is in a "warrant squad" and travelling in a massive group to try to get a promotion from the higher ups. The only real roleplay I have seen is the cops in Kavala talking to people at square. Shoutout to Miller. I also disagree with this. There is blatant and rampant corruption and favoritism in the APD and nothing is being done about it. One instance was the combat seizing fiasco that happened a month or two ago. The APD literally changed a policy just to screw us over and protect 3 cops from points/removal. Even before they changed the policy they found the most random reasons to deny my reports. I have also seen several APD higher ups that have absolutely no clue what they are doing and don't even know the guidebook/basic server mechanics. I got a comp request denied because I request 450k comp but it only showed 15k of bars being seized in chat. This is just utter stupidity. Everybody knows that when bars are seized, cops only get a small amount of money from them. Another reason for the denial is that I was dead so there was no way to tell if fighting was still occuring. You can literally hear gunshots repeatedly and see cops/my gang members dying in chat. A lot of people have gotten promoted solely because they had friends that were higher ups. Ever notice that a lot of the higher ups are in the same gang/know eachother.
  10. A recent issue I have been seeing is a lot of bounty hunters are RDMing their bounties to turn them in. There is barely any punishment for rdm. They get banned for maximum 3 days and get to keep all the honor and money that they got from turning in the bounty. This is encouraging players to break rules and do whatever they need to to turn in a bounty.
  11. Problem is if you pull a hunter there is a 75% chance you also have an MX. Now because the MX is illegal if you run into a cop and he sirens you cant defend yourself/your bounty and you will not only your MX but your hunter too.
  12. What does illegal even mean. If I have a MX does that make my hunter seizeable?
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