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  1. At the moment, gas masks have no use except for looks. I purpose if you wear a hazmat suit and hazmat/diving suit and diving goggles or some sort, that it should remove the grainy yellow filter while in radiation zones. The filter makes it extremely hard to fight in the zone and at night, you can forget it. Overall I feel like it would add a use for the gasmask instead of everyone just using balaclavas.
  2. Big fucking f dude, I loved devan when we played
  3. The house is in the zone and is a yellow two story right beside flag pole just looking for offers. Screenshot https://gyazo.com/b5e7f4b61f3f9edff05020b521a795cd
  4. I don't know probably somewhere around 150ish but I'm willing to negotiate
  5. Like the title says I'm just looking for a server 2 House or Garage.
  6. Most experiences I've had with the APD is the ones camping at bank and then talking shit.
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