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  1. asylum branded wheelchair please
  2. you think asylum is filled with snowflakes? my friend, you have not seen the rest of the Altis Life community.
  3. If Rebels have control over a city and the APD is doing nothing about it, they deserve to control the city. The fresh spawn hobos can spawn in another city if they are getting annoyed by it. It may not be a friendly welcome for new players into our community, I agree with that, but Asylum isn't a community for snowflakes, we are a known community for a reason.
  4. can we get this implemented into the forums with a simple toggle switch now that you guys have full access? @Bikstok @Clint Beastwood
  5. nah there should always be a risk when getting medical supplies from a town or else its just to easy
  6. get a good gang house spawn in another city and drive to another rebel have a pilot help people get geared we camp and slaughter cops in hq all the time, stop complaining.
  7. retired mate add a asylum logo and call it a day
  8. old Asylum would of never of done it, they didn't really know what quality of life changes where. new devs actually listen and care about these things so i'm sure this will be on the list if it's something quick to do.
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