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  1. He was shot idk anything els but it sucks.
  2. Ik man its really crazy im just happy his cousin told us.
  3. Today I found out that a really good friend of mine past away today. I met him on asylum just fucking around one day, he was really fucking funny and always new how to make all of my old gang members laugh. Ik I never met him in real life but he was still really close to me. I just hope that he is in a better place now. RIP-Devan
  4. I think we can all agree that asyulm isn't what it was. And it bums me out that this great sever if actually dieing. People told me for mouths, years that the server was dieing but it never really did. But for the first time I really think it's done for. You hop on the sever and most of the people that made asyulm great is gone, it's just mostly some toxic people from DS killing people, But really that never change. I remember when I first hoped on the sever I bought a quad bike and I drove it from kalvala to heroin field just to there and then to have a cop roll up on you. I also remember when I bought my first heil and I was just so fucking happy about just to fly over athira to get it shot down. I got so mad about those but I always kept playing because I started to meet some really cool people and the community wasn't as bad as I thought. I start getting into gang and it was so fun just trying to prove people that your gang was good, there was so much drama tho I felt like I was dealing with something at school or something. But it's so fun when your gang dose that bank or fed. Or kicks another gangs ass. But you also make some really good friends I still talk to members of are old gangs on dis or snap and insta. We still joke around about games and how fucking buggy arma is. I met this one dude named deavn and he had really fuck up life and I remember he left his mic on and he got in a gun fight everyone in the call at the time where scared shittless. Also those times when people would stay up all night for days. Anyway if you read this far you fucking weird but that's cool. I really do hope that asyulm stays alive but if it dose it will never be the same when I joined. Good night and love you asyulm. PS: I don't give a fuck If I miss spelling something typing this on my phone and it's 2am.
  5. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thats a yes
  6. Hey i have been thinking a lot about the new DLC coming out for Arma. And i was just wondering if we would be getting any of the new guns, cars, skins, stuff like that. I think it would be cool if you added the new drone for the cop.
  7. Will we keep all are stuff
  8. MetelChest

    V2 and crates

    Dude they have to go to everyone on the sever look at all the crap they have and the make a new code for V2 its going to take a lot of time man, i only know a little about arma coding but so i may be wrong but im pretty sure they have to do something like that.
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