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  1. Well most people were just doing cocaine since that was their version of Meth.
  2. It is from back when Tanoa was still a thing. You would get a Treassure map from excavating and it would have a picture of a location on Tanoa where you would dig up a treasure that included. Flawless diamonds, treasure, crack cocaine and other goodies.
  3. Well seems like Asylum and Olymbus were playing Monopoly and Olymbus landed on all the hotels and had to sell all their assets
  4. More like the shady guy that says he got free candy in his van.
  5. In-Game Name- MR. COW Age- 22 Arma Hours(Screenshot)- https://gyazo.com/800ce65713e7793a8aaaacb25459ce2f Banked Money- 2.1 mil Have you ever been Banned?- Been banned once back in early 2015 for a combat log but the charge got lifted since i got kicked of the game. And Once for a unlucky rdm back in late 2014. Current/Past Gangs- expect no mercy, 420x, Mob Figaz and DS (Long time ago) Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?-Yes What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?- Was once a part of DS left because of inactivity and want to give it another try.
  6. I highly doubt that people are willing to give up what they have worked 2-4 years on getting removed. I get your point but I see the majority of Asylum being in disagreement with your suggestion.
  7. Hello beautiful git(Fucking hate when people work on main branch so there are tons of merge problems, neeeeeiiigggg!)
  8. MR. COW

    New dlc

    Another map for asylum in modern Germany?
  9. Been talking about this thing on the forums for the last 3 years if not longer. The new dev team just went to work and did so great job
  10. Yea. And then they got smacked by Bohemia. So they came out with the Rusty hatch and made it so normal players can buy houses.
  11. Man I sure miss the good old times when you could shoot a Chinaman with 5 mags of ammo and he would make a 180 and shoot you in the face while 10 minutes after you have shoot him he decides to die.
  12. What are you on about? I can do HEMMT's of coke or meth alone. You just have to be smart about it. If you don't think and just think every thing is easy you are going to make very little money. And yes it is easy doing a HEMMT without anybody knowing about.
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