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  1. is this the new advertisement for that bison thing? kinda looks like shit tbh
  2. didnt even think about the honour tbh.. i got like 400k+ honour ontop of apex pred, so thatd take forever to get back just to strip peoples guns on that rare occasion
  3. they sent out emails for the first time ever like 3-4 days in advance. was plenty of time tbh everyone thats voted to keep houses are people that play once every 30 days... *cough* @Sheriff Rick
  4. wipe old keep whatever happened on the weekend
  5. thought we learnt our lesson from the v2 release...
  6. leave the houses alone ... Also how will this affect dom? will we have cash to fight without having to grind before 3pm?
  7. +1 . will just be an RDM fest in major cities. Full send or no send
  8. @Ty Neadickremember this guy? lmao what a re-re were featured in a mitch post! lets gooo
  9. hope he doesnt infest our litter with his stinky ass. this is the pussy pals gang, giving nuzzles to each other in peace without some freak intruding
  10. looking for industrial sheds.
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