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  1. As a chink my self you can have a chigger pass
  2. careful patrick you dont want an 18 year old showing up and beating you in front of your family
  3. Yea for real close the voting before xehons gets the chance to spam everyone in the asylum teamspeak for the 4th time
  4. Hello brugs, boris refuses to accept my video on behalf of the big cummers this is ridiculous
  5. nice 13 like 44 post looking ass. imagine talking to the esea 28 open champion. lul stay hardstuck rank 4 in faceit dumbass guido
  6. why make a shit montage if your terrible at the game thanks for nothing you intellectual dumbass your hard stuck in ak yikes
  7. 7 large cummers weren't enough for 26 cops
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/app/792990/Identity/
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