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  1. Also my electric bill was 57k its not that bad
  2. game looks different than it did in 2016, jay showed me a picture as well
  3. that looks terrible LMAO
  4. integrated graphics does not help at all
  5. Thunder and rain at night would be pretty good man
  6. Chicken deserved better
  7. Money and house inventory wipe, but keep the houses
  8. Copa

    New Mods

    Congrats boys
  9. well for starters this rank thing on the forums gotta go i want my rep back
  10. just use your own private discord then? what does it matter you're not APD or AFD
  11. Don't switch, everything is already set up on teamspeak and perfectly fine. If it aint broke don't fix it i dont want to lose my channel. Also if you decide to switch to discord and want to make the gangs private channels you're going to have to create a bunch of different channels and a bunch of separate tags to make sure not everyone can join said channel.
  12. i've out done myself with this one
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