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  1. I know, i was in it. Hop on TS for your interview
  2. hypothetically if i decided to RDM someone, im going to RDM their friend so they don't kill me either. hypothetically tho
  3. Copa

    Staff Updates

    @Ethan Darrell i hope you enjoyed banning me
  4. Copa

    Staff Updates

    @antho Moderator Paramedic Perm Corporal Antho?
  5. Accepted for Interview! Will PM TS Info
  6. Accepted for Interview. Will PM TS Info
  7. Copa


    Fed has been glitchy, we lost 3 hemmts yesterday
  8. its almost like one of the admins already designed a new bank in a different location...
  9. I'm not saying you're cheating, however someone cheating said that this was his reason FOR cheating not against it.
  10. Copa

    dont text and drive

    can confirm it works on instagram too
  11. I thought the same thing, its the amount of times you can like something on the forums, not community reputation
  12. I like the white edition of the blue hatchback
  13. So if you subscribe right now, you can get the black MK1 and whatnot or has that not been implemented yet?
  14. Copa

    Hi i am new

    http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page This wiki has a bunch of guides on how to make money, whats most profitable and the vehicles you should use to while doing money running. Welcome to Asylum
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