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  1. Like the new wanted menu, great job guys!
  2. That’s what this would be, a way for new people to get started.
  3. Yea idk what they want to do, they just said they didn’t want to be rebel or bh Ok what about the ultimate citizen who is well known by the island so he gets discounts on cars, boats, and helicopters, or who is a professional miner and can gather and process materials faster, just little stuff that can make legal jobs a bit more worthwhile.
  4. Ok what about the people who don’t want to be rebel or bh, I’ve met a decent amount of people who don’t want to be either. It’s also something for people to accomplish, say you have all the infamy and honor talents, you can work on the civ ones.
  5. True but with the new the new teams it might not take them as long
  6. Yes but this one will go more in-depth with the regular talents
  7. First off I’d like to say I don’t take any credit for this, I was given this idea by Vape Chan. So if your a rebel you get infamy for doing illegal stuff like selling drugs, of if you’ a bounty hunter you get honor for arresting people. What if you did legal stuff and get (whatever you wanna call it) to sell diamonds for more, or one of the talents could be that you have a higher chance to get flawless diamonds, stuff like that. Think you can do that @Jesse and @Gen. Henry Arnold?
  8. Uh all three servers are locked, whats going on? @Gen. Henry Arnold
  9. Yo why everyone hating on the bounty hunters?
  10. Let’s get this for skiptracer and BH shops Edit: add gun shops to the list and an option to select the type of mag and how much you want
  11. Shit, I guess I didn’t see that thx
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