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  1. I'm ready sir, I just got logged in

  2. Gang Requirements Mature Financially Independent Follow server rules Willing to fight turfs/cartels Discord Application Format In-Game Name: Age: Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot): Previous Gangs (If any): Why do you want to join Malicious?: Roster
  3. I know that you can do it off of the broken boat
  4. In game name: Issac Age: 17 Arma 3 Hours (Include Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/3ddc0189279734670df5d24106b73640 Anyone in the gang who can vouch for you? (If so who?) Nino, Ivan, Broke
  5. Personally, I work at a pizza place and pineapple isn't that bad but come on, you can do a lot better.
  6. Welcome back! Hope you have some good times.
  7. Hopefully we can put this problem behind us. Good luck dev team!
  8. Early 2000's was great as well but personally I'm just a little more old school.
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