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  1. really? Is there currently no administrator prohibiting fast takeoff? My teammate When he was robbing a bank in P City he was barred by the supervisor for five days for a quick take-off in a helicopter to escape the police. What's the reason?
  2. I don't understand what you mean. I need a definite answer. Just tell me whether the current rapid take-off is legal or not. At the moment whether he is legal, whether he can take advantage of fast takeoff,
  3. In previous videos, I also used fast takeoff in noncombat situations and was spotted by the administrator and banned for 5 days. But in this case, in this video, his crew and he had been fighting with us for no more than five minutes, in a combat situation, he used a fast takeoff. In this video, one of the administrators decided that this was not exploitable
  4. 我希望管理员可以通过利用飞机的快速起飞来向我解释该玩家是否违反了服务器规则。我需要一个权威的答案。 我对他利用快速起飞这个问题有疑问,因为每个管理员的判断都是不同的,有些管理员采取了措施,有些想法没有采取措施,请高级管理员给我一个明确的答案,谢谢。
  5. I don't think it should be used first, such as in the middle position, or use shortcut keys to use.
  6. I feel very satisfied with your answer, I understand your meaning, that is to say, the final interpretation of the rules of asylum is decided by the administrator. (It seems that being the administrator's friend is a good thing, can save themselves a lot of trouble.) lol
  7. I didn't see him paying me anything because I had so much game gold that I didn't care how much it was. I only heard from the host that he made compensation to me, so I have not refunded him so far. We're just having a discussion right now. We're having a fair discussion and dialogue. I found a racial slur in your tone. When is the monkey born? Didn't you evolve from a monkey? You fucking racist. Go to dead. Oh, by the way, you didn't evolve from monkeys, you evolved from dogs to humans, your ancestors all evolved from dogs to humans.
  8. https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/19554/ How do you explain the result of your handling of the complaint How do you explain the result of your handling of the complaint In my conversation with him, I did not accept his compensation, I just wanted him to be banned.
  9. If there is enough game money to compensate people I hurt, can there be unlimited exploitation of bugs or violations of VDM and RDM rules? Whether the other person is willing to accept the compensation or not, I just transfer the money to him, and there will be no penalty, right? I need an authoritative answer.
  10. Before he was banned, Chinese people reported him cheating, but no one believed him. :(
  11. i like ,But it is suggested to add the Chinese flag, thank you! Because it is a diversified shelter.
  12. you ,, cao ni ma I want to be a policeman, but I can't speak fluent English, so I suggest canceling the rule that I need to speak fluent English. lol
  13. Translation: arma 3 is a common auxiliary software for all servers, which can see through people and cars, and can also use unlimited physical strength. QQ (a chat app in China): 77916397. Indeed, China's arma 3 server is very poor, and many people cheat, so I have fled there and came to asylum in 2018. Shelter is really interesting.
  14. https://gyazo.com/122269dcd3f7951c41fa427a6efaa369 https://gyazo.com/f0c5cb73cffb0668ecd8f7db9dcf1bc1 如果要购买此房屋,可以联系服务器上的coco,起始价格为: 1百万
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