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  1. Put them in your house and then pull the pl... Nah don't do that
  2. He's beefing, I'm just replying to him since he seems to be fuming rn lol.
  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @eazy:( lil bad music I hope you're not letting this slip man...
  4. This is a community forum and you've made a post on it which means anyone can comment, I'm not going to stop commenting big man, hi. Commenting* - Thread*
  5. ye big angry, but in the end I wiped ur shit friends, chopped ifrit and armed quillin in front of their eyes and executed them, so in the end it was a W for me .
  6. yessir I'm about to open this stresstester.com and have no regrets !1111!1!!!11!1!
  7. yea bro, u internet gangstas are definetely bullying me so hard that I'm gonna quit haha neck.
  8. "pretty easy" > yea, 3rd person was always easy as new players tend to play it 1pp is where the party is at if u want good gunfights honestly
  9. Give it couple of hours big DDoSer man Tea.
  10. When people rat you and try to get you banned for saying "gimme his ip" and in the end they get banned along with their swedish friend ;(
  11. Yea im actually slitting my wrists because you denied me, also yea, I was definetely begging, on my knees, I think I even sent you a picture to prove that I'm trynna knee-pad you, toxic kiddo, imagine being over 30, and arguing with teenagers on arma 3, you're pathetic.
  12. I mean no wonder they're hating, can you not see the Drippp kid get shit on in the first clip? GJ @AdaM_
  13. hit PrintScreen and go to paint and click Paste, It'll definetely capture it, don't listen to @Mitch (IFRIT) he has no idea !!!11!11
  15. Damn Nowadays Kavala is just filled with african americans reeking havoc...
  16. Atleast @ the man @chrome.
  17. X   A   N   X

    My Cat

  18. @Revenant He's not a minority but could be a refugee... your call man
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