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  1. Only if you guys fought real gangs, good montage though.
  2. @Jesse why does servers with twice the population of this one never get hit off? but Asylum gets hit off every 15 min. Can u guys not get like a ddos protection or is that to much for mitch?

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    2. Carole Baskin
    3. Clint Beastwood

      Clint Beastwood

      I'm with Jesse on  you being uneducated.

    4. Carole Baskin

      Carole Baskin

      damn thats crazy bro, but who asked?

  3. the bigger the reward the bigger the turn out, its admin money bump the reward up so the gang can split it between the whole gang and still make good money.
  4. ZRPH


    give 90 FOV a try
  5. ZRPH


    dont think ill ever hit that many haha
  6. ZRPH


    tbf you are suppose to get ban for it lol. @zetherin
  7. ZRPH


    Asylum and Oly clips If its not 1080 or 4k by the morning then ill fix it.
  8. Dont think i have ever seen a cartel at OG on this server

  9. Was coming to this to talk shit but it actually sounds pretty good.
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