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  1. Unknown still lost hahaha
  2. kid is better then asylum players because he has been fighting the big dogs on Olympus
  3. not an excuse if its true, anyone that was ban had engine owning. name a arma cheat that was detected on that day everyone was ban.
  4. anyone that had engine owning cheats and did not restart their PC after logging off the game cheating on was ban. Engine owning was battle eyed yesterday, if you guys did not know engine owning does not have arma cheats. You guys can get all happy about (knowing we hacked) but we dont, so calm down retards we are still better then you. Ill be back on arma but probably not this server because the admins on this server are not that bright and im sure even if they know i dont cheat im sure ill remained ban just because they dont like me. But its ok this servers gang life is dead and the owner of this server does not care about it so it will go no where. GL Asylum, and it was fun while it lasted.
  5. only if it was arma cheats we were ban for.
  6. ZRPH

    Server 2

    You guys probably pull more money then any altis life server maybe not GTA but there is no reason you guys should not be able to keep a second server up. If you dont give the community room to grow it wont, i can promise you if I was new and i saw an altis life server full and i tried to join it and it took me more then 5 min i would just go to another altis life server. Olympus is getting all your overflow. The amount of money you guys pull in and you only want to own one server tell us two things you are either trying to build up a large amount of cash to save for the down time this server is going to have in about 4-5 months or you are trying to squeeze every dollar you can out of this before this server completely fails.
  7. ZRPH

    Server 2

    (it cost to much money)
  8. (wiffed) hahaha talk to me when u go positive for once.
  9. by posting 2 single kills, it looks like you already do.
  10. You act like i was watching u jump out of the frit, i came around the corner and the side of your body was barley showing around the rock and i hit the shots i took. You recorded 2 single kills, one of them i was not looking at you and the other was you closing your eyes and 3rd person spraying me with cross airs the size of your Monitor. Damn you are good at this game i cant wait to see the montage! and dont get me started on this (m8) shit, you are NA kid.
  11. are those suppose to make me look bad?
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