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  1. 10/10 would one tap 'em again!
  2. 10/10 Would save you Brits again...like we did in WWI and WWII.
  3. 10/10 would blame the Chinese again.
  4. ***Intentional*** contact between vehicles is not allowed and will be treated as VDM. This new rule would never of been allowed when I was CM. Sad
  5. 10/10 would purge the infidel demons again.
  6. @bamf I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years. Amazing how time flies. Looking back, I believe the first time our paths crossed was when I gave you your APD cadet interview all those years ago. Not surprising you passed with flying colors. We didn’t cross paths again until that summer of 2014 when we both joined the admin team within a week of each other. Since then, the amount of time and energy you’ve dedicated to this community is nothing short of astounding. Working your way up the ranks from Cadet to Captain and finally to Chief of Police. From Moderator to Admin to Community Manager to Developer and finally to Owner. If there was a position to be filled anywhere within the community, you done so. I believe it is safe to say, Congratulations! You’ve beaten Asylum! In all seriousness, working with you for all those years truly was a pleasure. You’ve done more for this community than anyone else! Hands down! If it wasn’t for your implementation of splunk, asylum would of ceased to exist back in December 2015. Through thick and thin, you’ve selflessly looked after the well-being of this community and others within it. I also wanted to personally thank you for being a mentor to me when I took over the role of Community Manager from you all those years ago. You were a great mentor are someone who i can truly call a good friend. Cheers and enjoy the hell out of retirement! o7
  7. Can confirm this to be true and I've decided to return to Asylum as Community Manager once again at the request of Bilal Battu.
  8. I remember moving to server 2 when it opened in February of 2014. RIP Server 2. Often imitated, never duplicated. Server 2 = best server now and forever...
  9. 10/10 would break some form of rule at least 3 times a day again!
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