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  1. Battleye is the only anti cheat that blocks Virtual Machines as far as I'm aware. That covers Arma 3, PUBG, EFT, DayZ, R6 Siege. If people are using network captures to interpret data for hacks, you fix that by encrypting the network data, instead of cutting off legit gamers. I used to game exclusively on a VM, there's a good 20k people who do the same. This block means it wont work on services like GeForce Now or Shadow for example (unless they work out a deal to whitelist), as they use virtual machines. A good example would be like Battleye suddenly blocking anyone with an intel processo
  2. So instead of encrypting their network traffic they install a rootkit on your machine to determine if you are using a VM or not. Neat. In my researching on this issue it has a lot of Linux gamers mad as hell lmao
  3. Normally I play on a laptop but I sold it to build a new gaming desktop So figured I'd just make a windows VM on my server and pass through a GPU so I could game while I wait on parts to arrive and paypal to release my money. But nooope. I have a few ideas to bypass this but I dont wanna risk another "Windows test mode ban" situation so I'll be afk for a few weeks probably. What's with anticheats getting more and more invasive? This wasnt a thing a year ago. I already mask the VM's signature in order to get my GPU drivers working, so it's gotta dig pretty deep into the kernel to even d
  4. I usually run solo. You gotta play smart. You'll always be at a disadvantage because of numbers, so you need to negate that advantage by having the superior position and getting the drop on them. Dont let people take positions on you, and dont get caught lackin. Here's how I went from zero to 5 million in the bank in about a week Step 1: Fish in Kavala until you have all of your skill points. Not many people will bother to steal your fish. Step 2: Once you have all of your skill points do wreck excavating until you have about 400k. This is a little harder so run armed with at least a rook.
  5. Idk why im laughing so hard that this was added in game, but would be hilarious to add it to Asylum and just have a message pop up like "You smell irresistible" or something
  6. Being able to craft optics and vests would be 10/10
  7. Pls add the MX and MXC to the black market for crafting I see zero downsides unless you just hate bounty hunters and wanna nerf them harder in which case thats like... your opinion man That being said im interested in hearing thoughts in case I missed something
  8. I feel like that should be an LT+ thing and only for like serial cop kidnappers or something. Removing someone's money making license till restart is pretty harsh. If it happened to me just because I ran into a corporal that doesn't like me I'd ragequit lol
  9. Wait they can take your BH license until after restart? Thats broken af. Hope there's at least some strict requirements for doing so. I have an ez solution Buy MXC, you see the popo, you stick it in backpack Problem solved
  10. Looking for a garage in DP21/Dorida. Willing to pay top dollar.
  11. Can someone run into casino where you can't even shoot with a vehicle you are initiated with and trying to steal? That seems like combat storing/exploiting to me
  12. I would but im usually solo lmao I need to start recruiting or something my gang's been mostly afk last few weeks That would be cool, would also make wars a bigger deal than just "Let me RDM you bro"
  13. Been thinking about this for a while, since I noticed the casino. would be pretty cool to have some kind of exchange where you can buy "shares" in a gang. How I envision this working would be Player travels to a new location known as the altis stock exchange From there you can purchase shares in a gang, each gang can chose the base price for a share. Money from purchasing shares goes into gang account. Every time a gang you have shares in wins a war fight, robs the bank, fed etc or caps a cartel you get a small payout based on the number of shares you have. Players can trade shares d
  14. I synced at meth with a full van reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ofc the one time I really need it to not mess up up it does
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