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  1. Hes not but his mother will if they lock the bikes behind a donor paywall
  2. If they pull that shit I'll do unspeakable things to @Mitch's mother
  3. So I have a 20 year old ebay account I use off and on whenever I need to sell something big or expensive. The way it used to work is the seller would pay, and I'd get the funds instantly in my paypal, ship the item, and done. Now they've forced me into some kind of "managed payments" thing that process the funds for 2-4 days and will only deposit to a checking account taking ANOTHER 2-4 days. The kicker is they can't verify my info now, want my SSN and a copy of my ID, and want another 10 days to verify my account before I can deposit my payments. As of now I don't think I'll ever use
  4. That bike needs to be added to asylum lmao Gonna do me some drive by bike shootings in Kavala
  5. It would be nice if my asylum listed any bans within the last 90 days or so, would make weeding out the shitters for gang recruitment easier
  6. Just give us doors back in general
  7. Frog Master best medic. He rez me then takes my Mk200 and Ifrit 10/10 roleplay
  8. I was laughing my ass off about that Tallo not mad lmao If that happened every time we fought on the other hand I'd be a little butthurt
  9. "For example, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, and many other countries in Australia and Southeast Asia will exceed 250ping." Yes. They shouldn't be allowed on either. I didnt say ban the chinese I'm just using you guys as an example as you are the largest singular group that suffers from this issue and makes US suffer from this issue. Hell if you're in the USA playing on a mobile hotspot you can hit 300ms. They shouldn't be allowed on either. I dont hate the Chinese people. I do hate your government though. And I dont get why you all haven't overthrown it to make some kind of repu
  10. That specific incident was desync yes, but the chinese are constantly teleporting then 5 seconds later i'm dead even though they've moved into a whole new building by the time it registers. It's getting pretty old at this point. Checked the player list and the dude that killed me was pushing 320ms ez. Set maxping= 250; and maxdesync = 200; in the server.cfg file
  11. Doomba


    I'll take all 8 of those 150 round spar 16 mags. How much you want?
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