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  1. Ye I have best rodo shed
  2. Age: 26 In-Game Name: Doomba Previous Gangs: Blackwing PMC, BhetterGang, Ruckus, Demolition Men Vouchers: Vortex, Goody, Draco, Space, 808State, Chipotle, Tony Why do you want to join Zenith? Demomen ded Picture of Arma3 Hours
  3. A server 2 on the Linux branch of arma would be nice. I'd wager it would be full all the time. I'm in a discord with about 500 members that plays on the Linux branch on Arma 3 and the main complaint is the lack of servers available (The linux branch has no battleye and also lags several versions behind the windows branch) so we make our own scenarios to play. If maintaining 2 separate arma versions is too tough on the dev team you could just make a whitelisted server 2 for Linux users and the only change needed would be disabling battleye. We can run the main branch of the game with Proton but there's still no battleye support. If you want I can do some "market research" for you and collect a list of people who would play to determine if there's enough interest to merit the headache of a whitelisted non battleye protected server.
  4. Can confirm the cap is still a thing. Lost cap when a gang member logged in and was inside rodo while I was mid taking the flag.
  5. I have the beta for this and use it. It's kinda ass. As much as I love teamspeak over discord it would be nice to not have to use both. I'm lazy and I wanna have all of my voip stuff in one app. I wipe my PC a lot and forget to back up my Teamspeak profile so I have to get tags again every time xD
  6. Would be pretty awesome if you could add a "Breaking news, the Fed/Lockup/Shipping etc. is being robbed" interrupt as well.
  7. Accepted Check DM's for discord and ping an LT+ to inverview you
  8. I got it revoked for downing (not restraining) an officer with a Spar-16. When I questioned the decision with the cpl who did so he stated "You used a spar so I can take it so I will" It was a while ago so I dont remember the situation entirely but I was chasing a bounty when the APD rolled on me 6 deep for a few unlawful detainment charges. I downed one of them with the spar and kept running. They caught me a few minutes later and *poof* license gone. This was like 10 minutes after restart so I was stuck doing nothing until the next restart. Tbh I haven't bounty hunted since. The only reason I was doing so was trying out a "legal job" but it's more hassle than being a rebel at this point. At least I can shoot cops and not lose my money making ability for 3 hours. The Spar-16 is a legal gun. It should be treated the same as using a PDW on an officer. They just seize it. If what you did doesn't fall into the BH abuse (kidnapping) you shouldn't lose your license. If I had used an MX I would have been slapped with an illegal gun charge and been able to BH again a few minutes later. Which doesn't make any sense to me. Why does the LEGAL spar merit more punishment than an illegal MX?
  9. I don't care about seizing the weapon, what's dumb is using that SPECIFIC weapon means you lose your BH licence till restart.
  10. SPAR 16 is legal for Bounty Hunters with the following requirements Must have a Bounty Hunter license If a Bounty Hunter abuses the weapon against APD officers Seize their weapon Seize their Bounty Hunter license for the restart This is fucking stupid. So you're literally better off using an illegal MX just to prevent your license from being taken until restart. It should be treated like the PDW is when used against an officer.
  11. Fully Upgraded, Has some kits but nothing special. Great for capping Rodo, can back up a van to rear window and see windmills. or use a van to get on top of the inner building to see main road.
  12. Accepted for interview Check DMs for discord invite
  13. I dont see your hours. How many do you have?
  14. Buy a 3d printer and make a gun You know for better IRL RP
  15. ^This Combat should be people screaming "pew pew pew" at each other and trying to one up each-other with imaginary weapons. "I use the BFG9000 on you, killing you and your friends all at once" "Oh yeah well I have BFG proof Doomslayer Armor and I survive" "OH YEAH well I pull out my suitcase nuke and start pressing buttons" "Well I pull out my 9mm and shoot your suitcase nuke" "Good job retard you caused the nuke to detonate early killing all of us. Swing." Before you ask, yes im drunk
  16. Denied Thank you for applying to Demolition Men! Denied Thank you for applying to Demolition Men!
  17. Nope. Pourin one out for the boys
  18. Demolition Men Leaders: Doomba, BadKarma LT: DigitalHaze, Snakeyes, 808state, Chipotle Sgt: Jacob, Studmuffin, Pazza -Requirements- 500 Hours in Arma 3, 250 Hours in Asylum Must be willing to engage in federal events, and turf capturing. Must be self sufficient, and be willing to do money making activities. Must be willing to follow all Asylum rules, bans are subject to removal from gang depending on severity. Must know the meaning of the phrase "Tac Coms" and how to behave during it. -Application Format- In Game name: Hours (With screenshot): Previous Gangs: Timezone: Age: Can any gang member vouch for you?: Upon approval you will receive a DM with the Discord link for interview. -What to expect- A laid back, but disciplined environment to get shit done in. Regular cartel payouts, and equipment compensation for loss during gang events.
  19. I have since learned that they are legal, but the cop who seized it off of me was simply retarded
  20. I've had it seized off of me recently and charged with possession of illegal weapon....
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