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  1. i do it for you and you dont have to drive all the way up there
  2. Hi Welcome to My Shop I sell Hemt full of hydrogen for bare cheap ill sell one hemt full of hydrogen for100000 and if your a consistant buyer ill go down to 200k if your interisted dm me on the forums thank you for your time
  3. Any Shed You Have that you want to sell post here
  4. In-Game Name: Sauren Age: 16 Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot): Do you have a fully working microphone?: Yes Can you speak English fluently?: Yes How much money do you have in your Asylum bank account?: enough for a loadout to comfortably buy loadouts Why do you want to join Iscariot? (3 Sentences Minimum): i want to serve the christian lords barni bag of crack xlax and my dad at least he saids he is. grammar is superb my fighting skills are on peek and with kavala rats, my bank is loaded with a bunch of nothing thanks and i love you please accept me my new friend.
  5. In-game name: Sauren Age: 16 Arma 3 hours (screenshot): Past/Current Gangs: Are there any current members who can vouch for you? no
  6. In-game name - Sauren Arma hours - Previous gang affiliations- Purge, VP How often do you play and when- 24/7 whenever you want
  7. 1) What's your in-game name? Sauren 2) Why do you want to join The Reapers? I want to fight cartels 3) Have you been in any other previous gangs? vp purge full send 4) How active do you plan on being? 24/7 5) Have you ever been banned on Asylum or been punished? no 6) How many hours do you have on Arma 3? 7) How many of those hours are on Asylum? 679 8) Where are you from country wise na east
  8. iGN- Xavier Age 17 reason: I"m new to Arma and I am looking for some boother to hang out with and do gang activities with some of my qualifications are and can go into further depth in a discord call im a developer (indie developer) really good at fps games (play proffessionaly) my discord name is (knuckleShiftGaming) i hope im accepted and would to like to vc if possible thank you for your time
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