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  1. Hi new player here! If anyone wants to show me the ropes please hmu on MSN messenger. Also I need an unban in-game, teamspeak, discord and unmodqued. Much appreciated! hope to see you guys on the battle field!
  2. Reapered was the best admin Asylum has ever seen so idk what your on about
  3. You had me at @Painbringa112 and terrible idea
  4. congrats @Steve @Jayshawn @Nino Brown Not Mason Not sure about slade
  5. wtf did I just watch? A rock has more skill than you. Absolute trash
  6. You cops are so bad. I now hold the World Record of Highest Bounty. I've been evading cops for a long time and they can never catch me. I challenge anyone to beat my bounty.
  7. I would but I don't want to puke. Mutilation is sickening
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