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  1. Because doing Bank/Prison or Cartels is the only meta we need. /s
  2. No, abusing the license. Downing cops, kidnapping people, robbing cars. Maybe kidnapping cops should have its own charge or something. Jail isnt even that bad these days. Back in the day it was an hour max, that taught you a lesson. Now your in and out in 20 mins. Go take a shit or rub one out and you will be out by the time you get back. If you assist a cop in a firefight I would hope you can walk away form that with no issue. Unless you were told to leave or got caught in the cross fire. As an APD office i can say usually I would not charge Bh that helped in a fight or at least explained what they were doing there.
  3. (Long reply) I agree that if you abuse the license it should be straight to jail. That would need conclusive evidence though (such as the cops seeing you lock pick or downing an officer intentionally). IMO you should be able to play as a good or bad BH based on what you want to do. Cops have stringent rules for a reason. BH can not seize any vehicle or drugs from players & receive money for this. BH are less likely to bust a whole gang working the drug fields or en-route to a cartel. In total they make a lot less money than the cops do. Cop life after so long just equates to jumping through hoops like a monkey to actually catch someone & punish them and pandering to egos for a chance at promotions. They also have a larger force, better health stats, better gear the higher they go at a cheaper price. It is a balance with BH; whereas the BH is limited in numbers, gear and what they get out of actually taking someone down. Want to hunt criminals cops have a hard time tracking or getting to? Go for it. Might need a group of friends though. (Some high value bounties only roll in groups, cops cant get them the majority of time. You wont find that player running drugs, they will clear their bounty before that if they are smart) Want to rob some poor sap and kidnap him while he is farming his drugs? Want to troll the cops while they are fighting a prison ? By all means, those should be options too. Rebel = roll up and merc someone BH =- knock someone out, have a chance to actually talk to (or be verbally abused) the victim for the lawls. (Downing people; while avoiding getting a murder charge you still have to deal with restraining someone and them giving info to teamm8s. It has its own challenges that just killing someone doesn't provide). Only real issue I see is the base BH guns are boring. I re-classed just to have some fun and using the TRG is aids. If you remove BH (or nerf it to the degree people dont want to play it) just remove all the other bullshit civ stuff people dont bother with (or rarely do) and make this a combat RP server. It seems the people that want that are the vocal few; wanting it to be just Farm Drugs > Fight cartels (so your name can be on the map & swing that dick around) > Fight cops when cartels are not being fought. That doesn't leave much for the folks in the middle even though this has always been a conversation this server has had. I like the combat, Altis life was more entertaining to be than Arma Life because of this. However, diversity is really the key. People doing the same shit every day gets old and makes it easy to move on to another server/game. Allow them dynamic play styles with different ways to make $$$ and have their fun. Im just giving the perspective there is more to just rolling around killing folks. If a group of rebels downed me and actually RPed or bullshitted for a few before killing me it may at least find that entertaining. Getting juan tapped as soon as I drive into rebel (or what ever illegal area) isnt really fun. I mean its not something that really would bother me but there just is no substance to that game play. If you are only after fights, yes, that may be fun then. But as I said in my previous comment, after having been on Asylum for like over 5 years, cartels and just stomping people isnt really "fun" or something to do long term. I play KOTH for that. It's not really about the bounties anyway (maybe for some who dont have much cash, but not the majority), its the interaction and play style that is the allure (at least for me).
  4. -Some people like to engage in combat without killing. -Most of the people that want it removed probably just don't like being caught. If you can't beat a Civ with an MX, you arent going to beat a cop so stop crying. -The whole goal is to allow capture of criminals outside of the confines of what the police can accomplish, while role playing it. -It allows a different play style than the classic fight cops or fight at cartels (gets old as fuck when you have been playing this server for a while). Rebel gets pretty boring after so long.
  5. n-game name: Alex Tukarski Age: 22 Years Old Time spent on Asylum: 2382 hours Previous admin action: none Why do you want to join us: You look like a nice gang and mature ! look fun!! About you : Im from canada quebec , i got my own gang Blood Brothers but if u guys want me ill leave my gang to join you guys https://gyazo.com/dc46cee4cd6e26fa2092331c3f836577 @@@@@@@@@@@ I will approve this for trial, can send Discord info this evening.
  6. Oh man, that raid at 1:00 was amazing. "The Cadet will not fire unless he is instructed to do so" lmao
  7. Why tf did the Dothraki just run out into the darkness? No tactics, just ran into a tidal wave of undead. (I guess it was just their Barbarian tendencies) Dont get me wrong, that scene was intense as fuck, it just made no sense to me tactics wise. That being said, the first encounter in that charge and subsequent fire fading out were incredible.
  8. I hate those dead brown wire bushes so fucking much. Chicken wire is annoying but if you drive worth a damn you can get through/around them. Those bushes... On many times have fucked me and my car up when in reality they should only cause cosmetic damage to vehicles.
  9. I will start the bidding at $1 for the suppressor
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