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  1. 1c inside circle hm u offering
  2. heidel & kille, dreamteam bby
  3. a diff server ... plz no take my money
  4. had me in tears by the end of it ! welcome back man.
  5. Trisix

    Mental Asylum

    LUB very pro
  6. i like all the new stuff that gets added, but don't let it overpower the base game. I like the ufo event, but for example the kraken seems a step too far... my opinion ofc. Def like what the dev(s) are thinking but just think it will dominate the simplicity of Asylum.
  7. @Lukee... you're not getting a "good" shed... people don't sell or you can't offer what they want. accept it
  8. only pay market for sheds, sorry. gotta leave some for others...
  9. he used to go by natedogg so...
  10. @Nathan_ ey natedog, this you ?
  11. hm, scotch really that bad ?
  12. - could we get the option to sit on chairs again? - could there be a few added to major cities across the map ?
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