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  1. idk don't play much better than ya'll tho
  2. carry has arrived don't ya'll worry
  3. sheds posted on the forums should be exclusivly accesable to people with money....
  4. Selling setup for scotch and/or dark fungi https://gyazo.com/72c267e2a80215670e0abb98259761f8 https://gyazo.com/edbbf5229e106618d05097a679377a79 https://gyazo.com/15ade35943d31330e7eb7314c7f90bcf
  5. ^ only offers are on the forums
  6. quick question tf ya'll gonna use this for ?
  7. one of the most useless sheds on the map... explain
  8. you haven't played for 6monhs ... y u need
  9. ^ was mine very cool house you should take
  10. Donating just because of this, this sounds dope!!!
  11. this sounds dope, I'll be there!
  12. have this in kavala, offer
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