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  1. SpaceBalls III

    V2 feedback

    noob level trash talk right there Jail is different than bans though. Apples and oranges. wow. I type one or two sentences for my argument, you say i'm rambling. meanwhile since you have a different opinion you gotta resort to grade 5 insults since you can't seem to come up with a logical counter argument. I am all for a good discussion. If you think i'm wrong tell me why! Don't just bring out some cheap insults. They were not really effective. All i took away from them is, hey this guy disagrees but isn't intelligent enough to have an adult conversation on the topic. Also looking back on your reply, I believe you might want to check out r/iamverysmart
  2. SpaceBalls III

    V2 feedback

    Both can be true you cuck. That's why it says Send Combat logger to Jail...
  3. SpaceBalls III

    V2 feedback

    Jail should not be able to be served offline. It is issued for crimes yes but it is also issued heavily to people who combat log. This makes it a nice punishment for them.
  4. How long will the incentive last? Lets say a wipe happens tomorrow. At what point will there be another discussion on this same topic? the problem with a fresh start is that it needs to be at regular intervals or not at all. So the wipe happens tomorrow and in three months the gangs that are great at making money have orcas and ifrits again. then another forum thread pops up with the same argument that to entice new players to feel welcome there needs to be a wipe.
  5. Well a lot of players will leave if they don't keep the money they grind for. The orcas and ifrits are only the civ side of things. The problem is that on the police side of things, Wiping accounts would mean even less police higher ups will be pulling armor to fight at bank, prison, fed and such. Also where is your sense of achievement? I don't play rust but i imagine it sucks ballz to grind just to have it wiped. I still thing more players would leave and not come back if things were wiped on a regular basis. If they are wiped just once there will still be quite a chunk of players leaving which is the opposite of what the server is going for in V2
  6. Your A rat, Not THE rat. There are at least 4 others ahead of you on that list. And your trash talk needs some work. Effective trash talk should be: Unique Racy but not too much like your a twelve year old on google for the first time
  7. People who try to gatekeep a community discussion should suck my knob. I like the idea that Bounty hunters can fill in when police are not around but I think a better way to handle abusive hunters is to say deny bounty hunter licenses after a certain amount of charges related to abusing the license. This way, an abusive bounty hunter cannot get the gear or the license for X amount of time due to their abuse of their power.
  8. SpaceBalls III


    oh look it's a bitch ass hoe
  9. I support the second bridge as of now but with proper training there is no need for it. I prefer grabbing a boat and going the long way around. It takes a good bit of time but if you buy loadouts, it's better to play it somewhat safe. Also mentioned are heli drops which I wouldn't do until a scout has made it to the back to confirm there is no 7.62 waiting. So yea bridge is good for now but It would be more fun with better tactics being used without the bridge.
  10. hahaha man this is gold. no wonder you get made fun of.
  11. hOw iS tHiS rDm?? Gonna suck to miss v2
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