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    ur mums house
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    pistol banging in kavala

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    unda dah sea
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    sidechat warrior, sitting in kavala and calling other gangs kavala warriors.
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    Drunk Sqaud yo

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  1. tbh id kill an entire orca full of ds just to blow up a hemmit full of gold bars.
  2. you guys remember the fsa guy with the deep voice who did rp videos? what was his name?

  3. Happy Birthday

  4. those vehicles are from strife i believe. i have 3 .50s and a uav
  5. Denied good luck finding a gang Accepted for interview. ill pm ts info
  6. IGN: R | Retarded Hours in Game (Screenshot): hours = d 154d−28=68d+18634 IQ: 9000+ Age: 14 Why do you want to join this gang? to steal gang bank cash Credit card# and pin: 6 Former gangs: Rebel Department, NV, stellar Body Count(IRL): my entire math class 30+ Money: i have so much when i get admin jailed i pay bail. Roster: Leader: Kasim Tariq Judge, Jury, & Executioner : Nick Crompton Lieutenant: Valeska Tariq Henchmen: A-TRAAAAAIN, SPELLICUP, Ivan Drago Slaves: not a terrorist
  7. if u liek video u wil have gud luck for 7 year
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