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    ur mums house
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    pistol banging in kavala

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    Not Telling
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    unda dah sea
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    sidechat warrior, sitting in kavala and calling other gangs kavala warriors.
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    Drunk Sqaud yo

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  1. looks like you're qualified to join.
  2. if they get added id be the premiere bike thief on the island. no bike is safe
  3. look at that form. hard hat op. I am peak cartel fighter
  4. billy you getting staff twice bro congrats @ds billy @DS_Billy
  5. 2:44 i wanted to join the cook but you shot me, how rude! nice video though i like the style. +1
  6. Lim if you're that obsessed with us I can send you a signed ds mousepad if you'd like.
  7. @tom dankbud smokes weed if you didnt know
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