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    ur mums house
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    pistol banging in kavala

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    unda dah sea
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    sidechat warrior, sitting in kavala and calling other gangs kavala warriors.
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    Drunk Sqaud yo

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  1. where is @windmere when you need him. come wipe the server bb
  2. that was the most posh "im so upset" i've ever heard. it felt like tea was flowing into my ears
  3. bro how you need google maps for 3 miles away. my man needs to exit the shelter
  4. @bbgreg17 https://gyazo.com/b44883514b00e75142998636ee7fce47
  5. isnt "primary academy" an elementary school? why u zoomin in?
  6. @RoguePilot @Boonie Hat put bbgreg in a channel we can all join and let us roast him to death, like we did with ken.
  7. good stuff. next put KingOfCanadas ferret in a submarine
  8. you spawn camped a journalist. channel 4 news will here about this. fair and balanced
  9. he said dont do it again. i am Itiching for a part 2 #TouchGrassGate @bbgreg17 POV https://i.gyazo.com/ae6d398da574575db6bc6f53306d7eed.jpg
  10. this doesnt look like athria. did they get bad directions to drug dealer???
  11. Next we run over your pet ferret. DS road kill squad is on the hunt.
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