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    ur mums house
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    pistol banging in kavala

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    unda dah sea
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    sidechat warrior, sitting in kavala and calling other gangs kavala warriors.
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    Drunk Sqaud yo

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  1. 4Th Of July Party Hard GIF by The BarkPost

    1. Dillon
    2. Copa


      @Dillon dont @ me im zooming in the open water

  2. victimizer has wonderful taste in troll music. i might use that later ngl
  3. that makes sense but the swamp isnt fully irradiated. its inconsistent is all im saying. some parts of the road are radiated and some parts are not. also since you took out the shotty from gun store can we get the pm-9 back? i need my $600 pmc killing machine back
  4. technically you're correct, but bro "working as intended"
  5. apd come grab your perm sgt, hes speaking without permission
  6. congrats mason! if i see you playing wow ill be sure to call you so you loose your hotspot and come manage the community on arma.
  7. the pillar of smoke doesnt really change anything. sure someone can see me cooking but they cant get anything from me because i cook from my house. worst they can do to me is make me loose my backpack. kinda stupid.
  8. 1. miss evos kavala gang 2. willmong back when he was a kavala rat.
  9. reduce the effectiveness of crank imo. there is no risk involved when you just sit in your house and cook. it takes alot away from gangs who like to burn and pillage when there is no one at illegal or legal areas
  10. its might be a mod i dont think so though. but it allows you to record yourself doing the actions like running, shooting, driving, etc. then play it back so you can record it. i use it alot in making intros and stuff.
  11. alec do you use unit capture to film these?
  12. Holding Hands Sleeping GIF by AFV Pets

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    2. Dillon


      Copa is the one with the fatass face

    3. Copa


      shave ur pubes off ur face retard

    4. Dillon
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