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  1. Hello Mr Spiffington, I made it to triples are you proud?? https://clips.twitch.tv/GlutenFreeAgreeablePizzaPanicVis

    1. Ronald


      Absolute unit

  2. Binged this, was really good. The actor who played homelander portrayed him perfectly
  3. Ronald


    *Gets perm banned* You had one job
  4. Falsifying numbers to look better than competitors for new people searching for a life server smh
  5. Ronald


    Cup of hot tea with some rich tea biscuits to dip in, can't beat it.
  6. Hey I made it into a montage, I look so peaceful down there
  7. Imagine if he did it at OG arms though
  8. yeah man, not even 100% OG arms vendor rocks. Why even post it @william
  9. Ronald

    Montage #120

    Why are clips like 0:20 put into montages, don't get me wrong you had some nice clips but what is that doing in there?
  10. Thanks for blowing my eardrums out mate, appreciate that
  11. Yeah we just used to stream snipe her with nades constantly
  12. In-game Name: Patrick GayzeAge: 26 Previous Gangs: *Heavy Breathing* - EnvyHours on Arma 3: 3kDo you have any friends in the gang? No, I made a goodbye post but no one acknowledged it. @Patrick Swayze is on mod que, asked me to make this for him
  13. That's what I'm saying, I'm on a hunger strike until our titles are implemented @TRYHARD
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