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  1. Quite the opposite, people figured out a pattern and made a ridiculous amount of money from the casino.
  2. Might quit if I lose my 20 talent points, worked hard on them
  3. This explains the in-game admin messages yesterday.
  4. one of my most favouritist gamers ❤️

  5. Coloured CSAT currently reverts back to normal when stored in a building and/or house, is it possible to have a toggle added somewhere (maybe in owned houses) to change colours of your CSAT to any of the colours you've unlocked.
  6. I was actually the cadet that restained you all and before he went in he told me he had to "toggle" or something, not sure what that means
  7. Perhaps seeing if asylum can maintain the current player numbers first would be a better alternative to splitting the community onto 2 life servers.
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