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  1. hows playing on a good server... oh wait your on asylum
  2. Nathan_

    Admins of ASY?

    we just did this 2 weeks ago people are going to start getting bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Then you will go back and complain about steve not coming up with better ideas for event. Why dont you hold some of the other admins on this instead of just steve. your actually retarded steve doesnt carry more than 3 grenades in a kit unless we are doing a fed he usually only carried 2.
  3. Nathan_

    Admins of ASY?

    he carries two grenades
  4. why you think im hacking i wish i was that good
  5. Damn pull out going strong
  6. Half the time we don’t get time to check illegal areas because we are responding to federal events non stop.
  7. Nathan_

    Donor Shed

    Still for sale?
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