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  1. Nice just lower the game volume a little in a few clips.
  2. Blake is open for any questions that anyone has. I would message him on discord, Teamspeak, and the forums with the same question. Thanks for your help Mr. Blake. @Blake.
  3. At least fix the arrest cap back up to $1mil for cops.
  4. Wasn't even talking shit lmao Funny you say that you say im the worst in my gang just look a the leaderboard man.
  5. Bro you are hyper asf. Your shaking in every clip or thats just your shitty pull downs messing with your recoil control.
  6. You have no clue what goes on behind the scenes you see the hopping on cop shit. There is way more than just that I'm not gonna start argument over that. Trust me I'm not one of those people that just does the bare minimum to keep my rank. In fact I hate people like that. Now I understand shit happens people have lifes and we shouldn't take there rank because they had to deal with IRL stuff for one month. I guess the reason I don't understand the issue is because when I see a RA I usually take it unless I know I'm to tired to be able to give a good ride along. Look this is my advice move up th
  7. Scheduling stuff hasn't worked in the past and will never work if someone needs a ride along grab someone that's on. if you cant because they wont do it that's a different issue.
  8. Atleast for me with ridealongs if someone messages me on discord or TS i let them know if i am willing to do one or not. Scheduling stuff never works, at the end of the day its a video game we all get on to have fun not make it a job. The problem with scheduling stuff is if something comes up and the higher up isnt there it makes more people mad. I dont really see a wait issue right now anyways.
  9. Some of us play this game for fun not a full time job. I get on to have fun not do higher up stuff for 8 hours a day. Now i understand by me taking this sgt spot takes a little more work than being a constable or corp, but i still want to be able to have fun on the game.
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