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  1. he makes it sound like we are doing this when we push the cartels.
  2. Trolls would buy a spar, walk 100 meters to the police HQ and take ME hostage. No thanks XD
  3. I wish I recorded my perspective =(
  4. this already happens when the apd goes to Kavala, everyone runs to their houses and begins shooting out of it from every which angle. Then the cops leave and we get shit talked for the next hour and a half on how we got destroyed. OR second option, we roll up to Kavala proceed to get downed, then we get thrown in the houses. either way...not a good time XD
  5. Well as fine as that is, not sure the point of listing it if its just going to go to a buddy. But all good gz phazor!
  6. fat rip LOL sucks i woulda payed 8m for it XD
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