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  1. Passively being racist. I like it
  2. I feel like if its too easy people are just gonna spam them things and that just gets aids. Im sure they can find a good balance
  3. It would have to be really expensive, like it would have to take more time to craft then make the money then buy it if that makes any sense
  4. Yeah bro totally not rigged, the only person ive ever seen win money there is kny and that kid is banned so...
  5. I wish there was other games that had shitty mechanics like this, one of a kind
  6. 700k for your kav square house
  7. breezy

    Help PC

    Intel on top if you cant follow this vid then idk what to tell you
  8. Good tage but dang u should try to lower ur dpi I feel like you would be a lot better but maybe thats me.
  9. The rebel 3 crater is owned by @Farmer Steve last time I checked I offered him 20 mil and he said no so gl
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