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  1. I play with a Ducky One 2 mini aswell actually. When I tap windows key it seems to have the same effect as tilde, may be placebo but it works good enough.
  2. Yeah I agree 100%. My point is that at some point the server is going to need a solution to this. But for now the good old macros work to get into the server.
  3. Mixed opinions. Its a bad idea, but if someone cant join the server they might not want to join but idk. Just seems like some what will detour people from the server if they cant even join.
  4. These montages are all so dogshit now.
  5. Ha thats funny sofia cartel can have 12 people on cap and get wiped by 3 people.
  6. Steve lowkey triggers me but then makes me laugh in these threads. Where's oblivion?
  7. Lol yeah ik we owned the cartels pretty much everyday all day and made a lot but my point is that there is no encouragement to fight when they lose the cartel in 5 mins and only make 5k. I hate to bring up olympus but just for example you make a fuck ton on olympus compared to the server and that's my theory on why olympus fights are much bigger but idk. I'm just stating my opinion because I was to roll up to cartels and fight and not have to wait 3 hours for one fight.
  8. I see your point and I was hoping for this to come to because fights are dead. I understand gang life is dead but as of right now there is nothing encouraging gang life in the first place if they put some things like this is in the game maybe some rats will fight. However when it comes to tracking how much each of you get you can just use a simple point spreadsheet. Someone told me back in the day there would be money generating even when no one was doing runs or buying guns. If it was like that again I would not complain. Im one of the richest people on the server yet the cartels still don't pay enough to be worth the fight sometimes.
  9. Arent you like a kav rat or something like that?
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