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  1. Missed opportunity doing Koth on Fivem instead of an RP server.
  2. Tfw your 58k is stuck on a powerline 😐


  3. Identity not confirmed confirmed
  4. Weed + Tempest = Safest money method confirmed

  5. Sants__

    762 max KOTH

    Yes pls. I remember this server and it was really good for practicing, would love to see again
  6. wipe systems keep it fresh but never thought about doing it for island life, interesting suggestion indeed
  7. Just look through old threads Gnashes closed and you'll have a ton of neat ideas
  8. stimulus check for altis citizens or riot
  9. i aint buyin bamf / gnashes created crates for some fire coveralls no sir ee sounds like a bad idea and lots of justin bieber shirts
  10. When PUBG first came out I swear this shit was just like arma pvp
  11. I take it back drug runner is easy and I want 30 less seconds

    1. Swade White

      Swade White

      Shhh you’re not supposed to tell them that

    2. Masoooooooooon


      Told you. You just have to learn how to land without circling etc

    3. Clint Beastwood

      Clint Beastwood



      Thank you.  

  12. I remember the reason for the four servers dying was the imminent server crashing that happened every restart every day Now that it is gone it'd be very epic for at least two servers
  13. Name: Sants Hours: 2400 Previous Gangs: A lot of high tier gangs Why should we accept you? I was in temper Vouches: Bunni < 3
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