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  1. you tased a kid who passenger dropped from a frit, he didn't even pull his gun yet
  2. kenn

    and I ope

    when i was using dune i never caught a global only a 3rd party ban
  3. Thomas Brown is a fucking pussy "flicker my lights im soooooooooo scared"
  4. In the past it wasn't illegal, and that was just kinda cancer. Bounty Hunters were a general pain in the ass with a completely legal kit, including the legal 6.5. Despite the legal armor, their just a pain in general. I mean I was a bounty hunter so I didn't care much, but it seems more balanced out now.
  5. you say that cause you suck i bet u only play counterblox
  6. hello friends would anyone like to play fivem with me
  7. I'll accept that sarcastic apology Mitch I'm a working man now, are you proud of me
  8. @Mitch (IFRIT) fuck you I smoked your ass in a rap battle @Clint Beastwood Tox told me about the mean comment you made about me when he was speaking for Tea, so I hope you get a singular tire put on a cinderblock @Steve bald. dont ban this forums acc please
  9. man this shits ran like china, gotta silence the truth cause your scared we gonna start something
  10. ahh cock slapping velocity before they could get wiped on cap good times indeed
  11. hello im looking for fellow gamers to play dead by daylight all i ask is you arent a complete fucking ape
  12. hi can i join i play top lane in league
  13. your issue seems to be nocturne and playing him top, maybe try a different approach
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