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  1. You thought Valencia was cheating cause he shot you from tower, slow your roll old man.
  2. All they have to do is free the boys.
  3. Predator Missile 4 served us well.
  4. man all the unlawful bans of our gang members
  5. kenn

    Server 2

    yeah like banning @vedalkenn
  6. @uc. rumor has it you work on a fishing boat now a days
  7. heard this establishment was back in action how do i go about joining
  8. welcome to kitui guy looks like master splinter from tnt
  9. @Reformed epTic

    dude if this is you mad respectย 

  10. 30$ i need gmod voldemort for harry potter roleplay
  11. keep them kneepads strapped
  12. kenn

    o7 boys

    lifes to short to spend on video games, spend it on pastrami -random cunt who threw my league match o7 gamercan
  13. can i have friend tag in sneeze kind sir
  14. i hope you lose that 5% drop rate temtem
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