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  1. Accepted https://steamcommunity.com/id/JackFItzgerald/ add me
  2. Accepted https://steamcommunity.com/id/JackFItzgerald/ add me
  3. Harkat-ul-Mujahideen Description We like do gang stuff and get money Requirements 16+ 300 hours Must have a steady income Know about cartels and the basics of them Not have major bans VDM/RDM Can do basic orders Must have discord Application Name: In game name: Age: Hours: Money now: How do you make your money: Who can Vouch for you: Why did you join Asylum: Why did you want to join us: What are you good at in Arma in General: Which Gangs don't like you: Accepted In order Invited to discord We will make money your way We will do a cartel/fight one We will do a Fed/Bank/Prison If enough members are on we will scale it differently You will be commanding everything First Applicants We will do things a bit differently We are a bit small at the moment Still growing Merging If someone wants to merge They go to our gang Bad Members If members are ramming into you stealing Or you catch them doing something Video it and give it to Jack Roster Jack Gabe Matteo Jeremy Sean Parker Nolan RIP Server 2
  4. Banana Bay Hellhounds Currently Accepting new members 16+ Be mature Keep Tac coms No screeching in Coms When on civ be in discord Anybody being rude or harassing anyone send a video to Jack or Ben We will teach you about the server and gang life if you are new In-Game Name: Age: Estimated Asylum Time: Bank Balance: Have you ever been banned? Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak? Current and Past Gangs? If in a current gang, why are you looking to leave? Why do you want to join our gang? Do you know any members of our gang? Where are you from? Are you a cop? Any past bans? Just some cop fun ddsfj
  5. About Us We are a gang that does Banks/Cartels like most others We are a relatively new gang so there is a lot of room We can make exceptions on the requirements. Requirements 17+ age Minimum of 400 hours (Screen shot) Must know how to role play Have a good idea about the server's rules Bank account of 250k (Can be debated) Application Format Name In game: Any other Names: Age: Hours (Screen Shot) How many hours in Asylum (Roughly): Money (If available screenshot): Any other gangs: Why do you want to join: What can you bring to the gang: Any Bans: You a cop: How do you make money: Bans If you get banned the first thing you should do is let us know. Tell us how long Show us the video if you have one in your defense We will talk about it Good Luck\ #PsycosisHasASmallPenis
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